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Josh Brent may return to Cowboys after prison

Back of Dallas Cowboys helmet In a statement that is sure to shock some Cowboy fans, Stephen Jones has admitted that when Josh Brent is released from prison after serving time for his conviction for intoxication manslaughter charges in a drunk driving crash which killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown, the Cowboys may consider allowing him to return to the team. According to statement made yesterday by Stephen Jones, the Cowboys will have to evaluate the situation as it occurs but the team would not “rule it out.” Jones noted, however, the team would have to wait to see what the league does and whether or not Brent is going to be suspended for the next season or not. Reports indicate that although Josh Brent officially retired from the Cowboys before he entered prison, the Cowboys still have the rights to him if he decides to return to the league.

Should Josh Brent be allowed to return to the NFL

  Josh Brent will likely play footballs again or will be allowed to play again. What is not known yet, however, is whether he will face a four game, eight game or year-long suspension. Those close to the story warn, however, that there is a greater question about whether or not Josh Brent is physically able to return to the game. Brent has not played football in the NFL since December 2012 and may not be ready by July. But the greater question is whether or not Josh Brent is the right fit for the Cowboys. Some argue that the Cowboys need help and are desperate to find anyone who may help on the defensive line. Even if the Cowboys do decide they can use him, as mentioned above, the league may decide serious discipline is needed and he may be ineligible for most of the 2014-2015 football season.

Josh Brent convicted of DUI

  Josh Brent was convicted of DUI after he was involved in a crash on a suburban Dallas Highway. His friend, Jerry Brown, was killed in the crash. In a surprising sentence the former Cowboy’s player was sentenced to less than a year in prison and ten years probation instead of the 20 years prison term he could have received. When he is released in July he will continue to serve his probationary term. If he violates his probation he will face up to 10 years in prison. Josh Brent showed remorse and the family of Jerry Brown has been supportive. No doubt Josh Brent will also carry the sadness and guilt with him for the rest of his life, but many question whether someone who has caused the death of another person through his negligent and reckless actions should be welcomed back onto the Dallas Cowboy football team with arms open wide.  Recent Article: Parents of Jerry Brown file suit against night club  
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