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Joseph Shaun Goodman arrested for 7th DUI

Joseph Shaun Goodman was arrested several months ago for his seventh DUI after leading police on a high speed chase before finally crashing his Ferrari. Goodman pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and felony eluding but will spend only nights in a Thurston County Jail for the late December incident. His days, however, will be spent working through a negotiated work release program. According to reports, on the night of December 29, the 2013, Goodman got into his $70,000 silver Ferrari F360 and sped through Olympia. Not long after, a police officer spotted the car going 50 miles per hour on a city street. Goodman refused to stop. Another man, Henry Griffin, was in the passenger seat of the car and contacted 911 to notify them that Goodman would not let him out of the car. Griffin later escaped by jumping from the car when it slowed. He was not seriously injured from the jump, although he did suffer scrapes and bruises to his stomach and elbows. When asked why he jumped from the car Griffin admitted he was terrified and thought he was going to die. He noted Goodman was driving extremely fast and running red lights.

Goodman leads police on exciting police chase

  Goodman led police through Olympia driving over curbs, running red lights and driving aggressively. The Ferrari bottomed out at one point sending sparks across the pavement. Police caught up with Goodman when he crashed into a house and another parked car. The chase ended in the parking lot of a local church. He eventually was caught by the police and surrendered. He consented to a breathalyzer test and his BAC or blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit at 0.16%. Goodman destroyed his Ferrari which reportedly suffered severe damage.

Goodman receives sentence

  Goodman was charged with suspicion of false imprisonment, felony eluding, and felony driving under the influence of alcohol. He is not allowed to drink, he is required to wear an electronic monitoring device and his bail is set at $75,000. He is also not allowed to leave the state. As mentioned above, he is also spending nights in jail and is working during the day. Critics of the DUI penalties argue that state laws require Goodman, who has several prior DUI offenses, to receive a mandatory jail stay of 120 days. Protesters petitioned outside the courthouse last week arguing that this case is one more example of the rich being able to skirt the rules of law. The judge argued he was an “important businessman” and the community and his employees needed him. Others countered that there appears to be a 2 tiered justice system- one for those with money; another for those without money. The judge and prosecutors argued that Goodman’s money did not sway the court’s decision, but others claim that the wealthy seem to have an uncanny ability to avoid serious punishments for their crimes.
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