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Drunk Driving - Jane McGarry, NBC 5 News anchor, arrested for DUI

Jane McGarry, a longtime NBC 5 news anchor in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, has been released from the Dallas County jail after getting arrested for drunk driving over the weekend. Police report that the popular news reporter was stopped in her 2007 Porsche early Sunday morning when she did not signal as she entered the Dallas North Tollway.
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McGarry, who refused to take a breathalyzer, was taken into custody and held at the Dallas county jail. She later submitted to a mandatory blood test. Police have issued additional statements about the drunk driving arrest claiming that Jane McGarry had, "bloodshot, droopy eyes and used a loud tone of voice." Evidence suggests she also failed other sobriety tests administered by Dallas law enforcement officers at the scene. Jane McGarry has worked for NBC 5 since 1982. Jane McGarry has remained silent since the drunk driving arrest. Although she frequently posts updates on Twitter and Facebook, she has not commented on her recent brushes with the law. The news station has issued a short statement concerning the incident, "NBC 5 station management is looking into the matter this evening and has no further comment." Fans have had mixed reactions to the DUI arrest. Several NBC fans have posted their support, claiming that, like everyone, McGarry simply made a mistake. Others have called for her immediate firing claiming that due to her status as a news anchor she has a responsibility to be a leader and pillar in the community. McGarry has had a distinguished news career. She has won the prestigious National Gracie Award for Best Local Anchor and has consistently been available to her fans and constituents through popular media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hiring a DUI lawyer

  The recent news of Jane McGarry’s DUI arrest highlights that even good people make bad choices. If you have been arrested for DUI it is time to talk to a DUI lawyer. DUI laws and penalties are high in Texas and even first-time DUI offenders can face severe DUI penalties. McGarry submitted to a chemical test. but drivers who do not make the same decision can face severe administrative penalties such as a license suspension. If you have had your license suspended by the Texas Department of Transportation you can challenge the suspension within a few days from the drunk driving arrest. Administrative license suspensions are separate from criminal DUI penalties, and drivers can have their license suspended even if they are ultimately convicted of drunk driving in Texas.
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