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Importance of DUI Lawyer Education and Experience

According to a education site DegreeFinders.com, a DUI lawyer is must have at a minimum a bachelors degree and a law degree. Also, the law school attended must be approved by the ABA (American Bar Association), and the lawyer must pass a Law School Admission Test before being accepted. While education is quite important, experience may be even more effective, because, especially in DUI cases, understanding court processes and how laws are interpreted is integral. What happens in school? A good law school prepares a lawyer, especially a DUI lawyer, for future cases. Your prospective lawyer may have passed law school, but that does not mean they’re effective. In law school, there is some intense instruction. A lawyer is also expected to pass an internship. You can't downplay the difficulty of getting into school and succeeding. Just passing the troublesome “bar” test is proof of knowledge. This is a test required by all states for DUI lawyers be licensed and eligible to practice law. School does not end after passing the bar. First, a DUI lawyer will receive continued education to keep his or her license, and will have to stay fluent on the changes in DUI law over time. How does a DUI lawyer get experience? Few lawyers start out with world changing cases. But a DUI lawyer gets experience by seeing how the laws work in and out of the court room. Being able to negotiate with the prosecution and judges, to question juries, to explain complex laws in human terms – these are all valuable. But really, experience is about simply understanding the law, going to court, and defending a client. What do you look for in your DUI lawyer? You don't necessarily go by their school record; experience is more important. Simply because a lawyer is in a huge law firm does not mean he or she is incredibly talented or experienced. Nor does it mean he or she has less experience or talent when in a small firm. You look for experience in handling complex cases, being able to explain your rights clearly to you, while also being in your price range. Does experience mean higher price? It merits a higher fees, but seeing as how the average DUI lawyer makes $50,000 to $60,000 a year handling dozens of cases, you rarely have to spend a fortune. Experience is more important than price; a valuable lawyer can mean the difference between going to jail or not. Finding A Professional DUI Lawyer Where do you look for a professional DUI lawyer? It's important to understand lawyers are all not equally talented, experienced, and educated. You may be able to find one for a rock bottom price, but, as the cliché says, you get what you pay for. In the days of the world wide web, looking over web sites and blogs like this one can help your decision. If a lawyer gives a lot of valuable advice for you on his site, that is a good lead for you to follow up with.