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How to Avoid a DUI

Drunk driving is almost always unnecessary. There are some ways to avoid drinking and driving, and the consequences involved. First of all, get a designated driver. Second, if you know someone who has been drinking, you may even want to take their car keys. Third, if you know you are intoxicated, and you have no designated driver, call a friend, loved one, or cab. Finally, if you are pulled over for drinking and driving, it does not always mean you're guilty, so hire a proper lawyer. This guide will explain these points in detail. The Designated Driver It's estimated about 50,000 lives and thousands more injuries are saved every year by drinkers using designated drivers. This is actually an important part of our society. For those of us who enjoy partying, making a plan beforehand is crucial. What is a designated driver? It's the person who does not drink any alcohol, planning to drive everyone home after the party or bar scene. It's, oddly enough, a respected position. You can avoid embarrassment, first time DUI charges, and accidents by having a designated driver. Don't Let Drinkers Drive Even if someone seems fine, you should not allow them to drive after drinking. Sometimes it's obvious they are intoxicated and should not drive. Their speech may be slurred. They might have trouble walking. They may smell like alcohol. If this occurs, you can do them a favor and take their keys. You might even drive them home if you haven't been drinking. In the end, you are saving lives by doing this. Call Someone We don't always have a plan. This is where we get into trouble. You may drink a few and think you're fine. You may drink way too much and make the wrong decision. Then you get pulled over and are charged with a  DUI. How can you avoid this? Simply by calling someone for help. There is no shame in this. Ask a friend or loved one for a ride. In the worst case, pull out your wallet and call a cab. You need not put yourself in danger, and can avoid getting into major trouble. Get Legal Help If you are pulled over for drinking and driving, you may think the charges will always stick. How does an officer know you have been drinking and driving? Sometimes they don't; you simply broke a simple traffic law and they pull you over. Other times you are making clear mistakes, as well as swerving, and are obviously intoxicated. It does not always mean you should surrender your right to a defense. A DUI lawyer is crucial for a defense. First of all, the officer needs a reason to have pulled you over: you must have broken a law. Second, the officer must have followed all laws in arresting you, including reading you your rights. Third, DUI tests, such as the breathalyzer, are not 100% accurate. These are known to be wrong. And other sobriety tests, such as walking in a straight line, have a history of being wrong. If you can avoid drinking and driving, you can avoid a DUI. But if you have been charged, it's time to get some legal help, a DUI lawyer.