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How can I avoid jail time after a DUI arrest?

Alternative to Jail

If you have been convicted of DUI, there is a wide range of DUI penalties that you could face, including jail time. Is it possible to avoid jail time after a DUI arrest? Possible options that could serve as an alternative to spending a lengthy amount of time in jail are listed below. Work Release

Work release allows you to work at a job site approved by the Probation Department during the day. After you complete the required hours, you will be allowed to go to your home at night. Work Furlough

Work furlough permits you to keep your own job, but upon completion of the work day, you will go to a dormitory-style building to sleep at night. You will then be released the next morning to return to work. Drug and /Or Alcohol Rehabilitation In some cases, the DUI is a symptom of a drug or alcohol abuse problem. The judge may decide to send the DUI offender to a qualified substance abuse program. Talk to your DUI attorney about exploring this alternative to jail. House Arrest

House arrest requires you to wear an electronic monitoring device, usually around the ankle. This ankle bracelet monitors the movements of the DUI offender through GPS so that authorities are alerted if they move out of an approved area. The DUI offender may be allowed to go to work, but must return home at the prearranged time. Sober Living

This may be the best option for someone with multiple DUI convictions. The DUI offender moves in to a house with other residents who have a history of substance abuse problems. They are required to attend 12-step meetings every day, participate in household functions, and be responsible for chores that are assigned to them. A New Law in Texas

State Representative Todd Smith along with Tarrant County Assistant D.A. Richard Alpert have drafted a new bill that, if it becomes law, would allow prosecutors to offer first-time DUI offenders mandatory counseling and probation in place of jail time. The Assistant D.A. says that alcohol-related arrests are all too common today and most of them do not involve injury or property damage. This is a way to move the more minor cases through the justice system without clogging up the courts. Surprisingly, MADD has lent their support to this bill. MADD spokeswoman Mary Kardell said, “We want mandatory ignition interlocks for every DWI offender and that is in this bill.” This deal does not mean that DUI charges are dropped. If the DUI offender gets arrested for a DUI again, he is charged as a repeat DUI offender. Supporters of this bill say that it will help to clear out the courts of minor crimes so the judge can focus on more serious DUI offenders.