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Getting Your License Back after a Michigan DUI

You were pulled over, arrested for a DUI, taken to jail, and your license was suspended. This happens every single day in the state of Michigan. Why has your license been suspended? What can you do to get it back? And who can help? This guide answers these and many more DUI questions related to getting your license back. Why a Michigan license suspension? Michigan is different than other states simply because each state has similar but somewhat different drinking and driving laws. Some call it a DWI, others OWI, while most call it a DUI. Some will suspend your license longer than others. Some may charge you with an aggravated DUI for being far over the limit or for drinking and driving multiple times. The reasons for each state law are pretty much the same: those who drink alcohol or abuse drugs and drive are dangers  on the road. Across the country, drinking and driving is a leading cause of traffic deaths. You were charged because of this, because it's so dangerous to mix alcohol or drugs and driving. How can you get your license back after a DUI? If you only have one DUI violation, getting your license back is much easier than if you are a habitual often. For most, you will apply for a general reinstatement. If it involves drugs, it will be a reinstatement for a drug crime, and if you are a minor it's also different. The point here is that first time offenders can and often do get their licenses back. You have to wait until your suspension is over, you go to the  Michigan Secretary of State office, and apply for reinstatement. What if you are charged for multiple drinking and driving violations? If you have been repeatedly caught drinking and driving, you have to go the the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD), who will review your case. You will have to prove your alcohol or drug problem is gone, that you won't repeat the offense, and that you want to follow the laws. If your license is revoked, it can take much more time and legal work to get it back. How much will it cost? A general reinstatement fee for a suspended license is only $125. If you want your license back after a drug crime, that fee is $250, and the same for a minor in possession (MIP). Your lawyer fees, and you should get a lawyer, will cost some money too. Who can help? Getting your license reinstated for a one time alcohol or drug offense is often fairly simple. You have to pay a minor fee and can move on. However, to represent your interests in court, you need a professional lawyer. An experienced Michigan DUI lawyer is very important if you've been caught multiple times drinking and driving. You can expect penalties far beyond simple license suspension, including fines, jail time, and probation. A lawyer's job is to lessen penalties, if not remove them, and help you move on with your life.