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Getting DUI Defense Help - The Better Lawyer or Cheaper Lawyer

It's all about money when you are broke, right? The problem with that is that some things can be valued more than others, can lead to more benefits, and can have a lasting affect on your life. Take DUI law, for example, where every year tens of thousands across the country are charged with first, second, third, and sometimes even more drinking and driving offenses. The problem is clear. What's the solution? DUI law is a complex field. There are many online who'll explain there are secrets to it. There are no out-of-the-box secrets when it comes to a DUI defense. Whether you are guilty or not, a defense has to be made. Whether you are guilty or not, you need to know your rights. And you also need a professional DUI lawyer. Why not a cheap DUI lawyer? It's a point we make often on this blog. The problem with many defenses is that the lawyers put little to no time into them. If you hire someone to cut your lawn for five dollars, he is not going to make it look spectacular. Give him a $20 bill and you are paying for more time. Time is relevant because many DUI lawyers lack it. They charge a low rate, take on a load of cases,  maybe even put an effort into the defense. Well, they may win, but if you had to choose between a jail sentence and some money, what would you do? A DUI defense takes time. A strong DUI defense can at the least limit some of the penalties you face. It can also put holes in the prosecution's case. This is because many DUI charges are full of inaccuracies. Even if you did do some drinking, it does not always merit a license suspension, probation period, time in jail, and fines. Why not the friend of a friend? Taking referrals is rarely a good idea in the legal profession. It's like hiring someone you know nothing about to build a house. The only referrals you should consider are from DUI lawyers to other DUI lawyers. Why not defend yourself or use a court appointed lawyer? Defending yourself is possible. Saying it's impossible is wrong. You might even win. However, if you fail, you lose your license, go to jail, face fines, etc, and have no legal recourse. And this is saying you would know what to do. If you have rarely if ever been in a court room, you need a professional. If you have no legal experience, you need a professional. If you use a court appointed lawyer, that is better, because he or she has legal experience. On the other hand, the problem with court appointed lawyers is they have no real stake in your defense. They likely represent dozens of clients who have no money. If you can afford a good lawyer, it's more than worth it. How much does a good lawyer cost? A good DUI lawyer is not cheap. It depends on where you put your money. Yes, some lawyers may be out of your price range. You can't just make money appear. If you have some money or access to money, it can be a worthy investment. Lawyer fees for defending DUI charges depend on the case. You might pay a flat fee, or you pay on an hourly rate. A defense can go from the thousands to the tens of thousands. Don't let that stop you from at least inquiring with some good lawyers. What are you paying for when you hire a DUI lawyer? You are paying for experience in and out of the court room, time to properly defend you, knowledge of the laws, and most importantly, to win.