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Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney

Summer is in full swing in sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Residents as well as visitors are enjoying the warm weather and longer days with sailing and sunbathing.  But the sun may set all too soon on these fun times for those caught drinking and driving. Drunk driving is a serious offense in the state of Florida and the penalties associated with it are life altering for both the driver and their family.  If you have been arrested for drunk driving in the Fort Lauderdale area, there is no time to waste.  It is very important that you speak with a qualified DUI attorney as soon as possible after your arrest. The laws governing DUI in Florida are complicated and there are numerous legal filings involved in these cases.  Additionally, once you have been arrested the clock is ticking on your driving privileges. At the time of your arrest, your driver’s license was suspended automatically.  This suspension is effective for between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the circumstances of your case.  You will only have 10 days following your arrest in which to contest this suspension.  If you do not or if your appeal is denied, you will have to serve at least a portion of the suspension before you can even apply for a hardship license. A hardship license will allow you to drive under certain circumstances if you can show that this is necessary.  These circumstances are most often related to employment and business purposes. If you failed a chemical test used to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time of your arrest, you will have to serve at least 30 days of your suspension before being allowed to apply for a hardship license.  However, if you refused to take a chemical test at all, you will be required to serve 90 days of your license suspension before being able to apply for the hardship license.  You will also be required to show proof of your enrollment in an approved alcohol treatment course in order to apply for the hardship license. Additional licensing fees will also be associated with your hardship license and the reinstatement of your license after the suspension is completed.  You will also be required to complete the licensing examination and provide proof of insurance. As you can see, retaining your driver’s license after a DUI arrest is a difficult and complicated process.  A legal professional who has seen numerous cases just like yours is the best candidate to help you through this difficult time.  Do not delay; consult an experienced DUI lawyer today.