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Florida Alcohol Education Courses

In addition to other drunk driving penalties you might face if you are convicted of drunk driving in Florida, Florida courts will also require you to complete a court-ordered drunk driving course. Completion of the course may allow you to have your driver’s license reinstated, reduce the amount of points added to your driver’s license or lower the drunk driving penalties you might otherwise face.

How long is the Florida Alcohol Education course?

  The duration of the alcohol education course will depend on the requirements of your state and the whether the drunk driving offense was minor or severe. For instance, drivers who have been convicted of one drunk driving charge may only have to attend 12 hours of instruction; other offenders with multiple drunk driving charges may be required to attend weeks of class. For Example, in the state of Florida they offer multiple levels of class instruction. Level I is 12 hours of instruction which educates the drunk driving offender on the effects and consequences of alcohol use, the affects of drinking and driving, the definition of drunk driving, the role of Florida law enforcement, the judiciary and the role of the Florida Department of Public Safety. Level II classes include 21 hours of instruction. This level of instruction is geared more toward the multiple drunk driving offender who has already completed the alcohol and level I alcohol education course. The level II class focuses on specific issues of the drunk driving repeat offender.

Evaluation of the drunk driving offender

A drug and alcohol evaluation is also done as part of the Florida alcohol and education program. An evaluation will determine if you have a drug or alcohol abuse problem. For the evaluation the evaluator will use proven techniques to collect, analyze and interpret data provided by you, the client. After interpreting the data the evaluator may determine that you have additional needs for alcohol addiction treatment or counseling.

Costs of Florida Alcohol Education Classes

  As mentioned above, state laws vary, classes vary and costs also will vary. In Florida the cost is $245 for the level I class (this includes the $15.00 state assessment fee, $5.00 testing fee, $9.00 online transaction fee and $14.00 Florida driving record). Level II classes are $385.00 (this includes the $15.00 state assessment fee, $5.00 testing fee, $9.00 online transaction fee and $14.00 Florida driving record). In Florida the classes are offered during the day, weekends and evenings. They are offered in Spanish and in English. After you have completed the alcohol education course they will issue you a certificate of completion. Keep in mind, you should enroll in a class close to where you live, work or attend school.

 Can I pay for my Alcohol Education Courses in installment payments?

  As mentioned above, the fees vary based on the level of the course. Some companies offering these education programs may be willing to either accept installment payments or offer reduced prices for very low income participants.

Hiring a Florida Drunk Driving Lawyer

  If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Florida this is a very serious charge. Penalties are severe and can include a suspended license, mandatory alcohol education, fines, jail time and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device. Contact a DUI lawyer for more information
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