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DUI - Reinstating Florida License

When Can I get my license back after drunk driving revocation?

Under Florida DUI laws if you are arrested for drunk driving and it is your first conviction you can expect severe DUI penalties: fines of $500 to $1,000, mandatory 50 hours of community service, probation and incarceration not to exceed one year, not more than 6 months of prison, 10 days vehicle impoundment (exceptions exist),  and a driver’s license revocation of 180 days to one year.
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Commercial Drivers in Florida

  The penalties are even more severe for a commercial driver who can be charged with drunk driving if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.04% or higher. If they refuse to submit to a BAC test can have their commercial license suspended for one year (s. 316.193 for DUI convictions).

Can I get a hardship license in Florida after DUI?

  If you have been convicted of your first DUI charge it is possible to get a hardship reinstatement. Prior to reinstatement you must complete a DUI school and apply to the department for a hearing. The court will require you to install an ignition interlock device for up to 6 months if your blood alcohol content is 0.15% or higher. The hardship license is generally allowed only for employment purposes.

Reinstating license after revocation period

  If you have been convicted of one drunk driving charge you must complete the DUI school prior to reinstatement. If your revocation period has ended you must show that you have either enrolled or you have completed the course to get your license reinstated. You must complete the course within 90 days from the date after your license is reinstated or the state of Florida will cancel your license and you will not be able to drive until you have completed your mandatory classes.

What else do I do to reinstate my license after Florida DUI?

  In addition to completing the DUI school you will also have to do the following:
  • Take the required examination
  • Pay the administrative fee
  • Pay the revocation reinstatement fee
  • Pay the license fee
  • Provide proof of bodily injury liability coverage

Administrative License Suspensions in Florida

  Keep in mind, the Florida drunk driving penalties described at the beginning of this blog only relate to a DUI conviction. Drivers may also face administrative license suspensions if they refuse to submit to a BAC test. The refusal can be used as evidence in your DUI trial. If you refuse the BAC test you will have your license suspended for one year. Drivers who submit to the test but who have a BAC above the legal limit of 0.08% will have their license suspended for 6 months. These penalties are enforced whether or not you are ultimately convicted of DUI. The police also have the legal authority to forcefully withdrawal your blood if you have been involved in a death or have caused serious bodily injury to another person. If you are unconscious the state will assume you have not “withdrawn your consent to the blood alcohol content test” and they will be allowed to administer the test. Contact the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for more information.
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