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DUI Penalties for California Drivers

Whether you live in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Marin, Alameda, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Napa, or Sonoma, California, if you are arrested for DUI you will face severe DUI penalties. DUI laws are instituted at the state level and will be similar for all cities in California. So if you are arrested for a California DUI what types of DUI penalties can you face? • Jail time which can range from 96 hours to 6 months • Fines which can range from $1,000 to $1,600 • License suspension up to 6 months • Drivers must complete a driving under the influence program • Drivers may be ordered to install an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) on their vehicle • Drivers will be required to purchase California SR22 Insurance (Required for Restricted License) Keep in mind that subsequent DUI penalties will be more severe every time you are arrested for DUI in California. In the last several decades increased efforts by lobbying groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and legislatures have increased their efforts to legislate severe DUI penalties. The goal of all DUI penalties is to deter drivers from continuing to drink and drive. Although DUI penalties are established by statute, California drivers may face increased DUI penalties if they are arrested for DUI and any of the following occurs: • They were arrested for DUI, and they driving more than 20 mph over the posted speed limit. • They had a child in the car under the age of 14. • Their blood alcohol concentration or BAC was over 0.15%. • They refused to submit to a blood alcohol concentration test. While all of these factors may affect the severity of DUI penalties assessed against a driver, the judge’s decision can also be affected by the weaknesses of the prosecution’s DUI case, other relevant facts of the case, and the reputation of the DUI defense lawyer.

California Administrative License Suspension

Keep in mind that if you refused or failed a breathalyzer test in the state of California, you may have your California license suspended. Administrative License Suspensions may be contested by filing an Administrative Hearing within 10 calendar days after the DUI arrest. If you fail to schedule an Administrative Hearing within 10 days, you will lose your right to contest the suspension and your license suspension will begin 30 days from the date of the DUI arrest, regardless of your DUI defense. Most DUI defendants do not realize that the administrative license suspension is separate from all criminal DUI charges which may be brought against them in a California DUI court.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested in California for DUI you may have questions about what to do next. How will this affect your current job or future employment opportunities? What if you have court actions pending such as a child custody case? Do not try to fight a DUI alone. Contact a DUI lawyer. DUI lawyers can also help drivers or passengers who have been injured by a driver who was DUI. DUI lawyers can review your car accident and determine if another driver’s negligence caused your personal injuries. State laws vary, and in some states drivers may not be able to file a personal injury claim unless their car accident injuries reach a specified monetary threshold or they suffer serious bodily injury.