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DUI Patrols Stepped Up In Los Angeles

Summer holidays in the Los Angeles area bring sunny days, barbeques, and increased police patrols for drunk driving.  Drivers in California may see an even greater police presence this summer as a result of new funding awarded to the California Highway Patrol. Earlier this year, the California Highway Patrol received a $5.9 million grant designated to supporting additional DUI patrols and sobriety checkpoints.  For 2009, there are 35 DUI task force patrols planned in California.  There will also be 110 DUI checkpoints this year. This increased state-wide surveillance combines with increasingly tougher penalties for drunk driving offenses to make a DUI arrest a potentially devastating experience.  Drunk driving offenses are serious and their consequences can be far-reaching. The legal process for a DUI case in California is complex.  Therefore, it is imperative that you seek out a qualified DUI attorney to help you resolve your DUI case as quickly as possible. Speed is of the essence in a Los Angeles/Long Beach DUI arrest.  This is because at the time of the arrest you must surrender your license.  In its place you will receive a temporary license which is applicable for 30 days.  Once this temporary license is issued, you will only have 10 days to appeal the suspension of your license. During the appeal process, there are numerous court appearances for which you will need to be present.  A knowledgeable DUI/DWI lawyer can help you prepare for and track these important meetings. Penalties for a DUI offense in Los Angeles County include fines, vehicle impoundment, license suspension, and potentially jail time. If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offense in the Los Angeles/Long Beach metro area, your best defense is to quickly secure the services of a DUI/DWI attorney to help you through this difficult process.