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DUI - Matthew Fox arrested in Oregon

Matthew Fox, best known for his starring role on Lost, was arrested for drunk driving early Friday morning in Bend, Oregon. The DUI arrest occurred after a traffic stop. Police claim that Fox failed to maintain his lane and failed to signal. Officers decided that Matthew Fox was intoxicated, and according to reports the actor was arrested at the scene at 3:23 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.
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After the Friday morning DUI arrest Matthew Fox was taken into custody but released by the Oregon police later that same day. The police were not able to get a mug shot of the defendant but will require him to return to court in June. Sources stated the details surrounding the DUI arrest have not been confirmed, but the actor was arrested on an alcohol related charge as he drove for a late night meal at a fast food restaurant. This is not the first time the Lost star has faced legal troubles. In August of 2011, a Cleveland bus driver filed assault charges against the star for allegedly punching her. Heather Bormann, the plaintiff in the assault case, claimed that Fox assaulted her leaving bruises on her arms and legs when she refused to allow him to board a private party bus. Fox was not formally arrested for the alleged assault but was detained by the police. Fox has sworn off television and has been living in Oregon with his family for several years. In an interview in USMagazine.com he claimed that after Lost wrapped he was done with television and eager to move on to new adventures in either movies or working another job entirely. Fox relocated to Oregon after Lost in 2010 with his family which includes his wife Margherita, a daughter, Kyle Allison, 11, and son Byron, 8. Fox claims that moving to Oregon would allow him to be closer to his mom, cousins and brothers.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

  If you have been arrested for a DUI in Oregon it is time to talk to a DUI lawyer. DUI penalties in Oregon can be severe, even for first time DUI arrests.
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