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DUI - How do I know if I am an alcoholic?

Many drivers on our DUI forum are arrested for multiple drunk driving arrests and are frequently sent to prison. So how do you know if you have a drinking problem BEFORE you find yourself in jail? There are some signs that drivers can look for to know if they need to seek treatment for their alcoholism.
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What is alcoholism?

  Having a drink every now and then may not be dangerous, but if you have become dependent on alcohol and you are not able to control when, how much, or how long you drink, you may be an alcoholic. For instance, if your drinking has destroyed relationships or has become detrimental to your employment or your financial situation it may be time to get help.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

  Alcoholics share common symptoms. If you have these symptoms it may be time to seek professional help. If you are arrested for drunk driving attending specific types of alcohol treatment programs may be a requirement of your sentence or license reinstatement. What are some common symptoms of alcoholism?
  1. Blacking out when you consume alcohol.
  2. The inability to limit the number of drinks you consume.
  3. Withdrawal when you do not drink, including shaking or nausea
  4. Loss of interest in other activities or relationships
  5. Drinking in private or hiding your habits
  6. Intolerance to low levels of alcohol consumption and needing more alcohol to experience the same effects.
  7. Drinking alcohol as soon as you get up each day.
  8. Defensiveness about your alcohol habits
  9. An intense craving to consume alcohol each day
  10. Loss of control when you drink
Although you may not be an alcoholic, you may have the tendency to frequently abuse alcohol, which can be just as dangerous. If you have been arrested for multiple DUIs then this can be a sign that you are drinking and not making good choices; choices which could have severe, life-long consequences for you and your family.

Drinking and DUI

  Whether you are an alcoholic or not, if you drink and drive and you are unable to safely operate your vehicle you can be arrested for drunk driving. It is illegal in every state to operate a motorized vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. A DUI arrest can also occur if you are operating your vehicle with any amount of alcohol and you are unable to safely do so.

Alcoholism and treatment programs

  Many states have established penalties for drunk driving. Some states, however, may allow the courts some leeway to determine your DUI penalties. If you have been arrested for DUI and you have a serious alcohol problem it is time to take ownership and seek treatment. Seeking proper treatment and showing remorse may help with your court case. What should you do? You may need to attend individual or group therapy such as Alcoholics Anonymous or attend educational lectures, but the first step is to talk to a DUI lawyer and discuss your case.
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