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DUI Death Confirmed for "Jackass" Star Ryan Dunn

CNN confirms today that “Jackass” star Ryan Dunn, who was killed early Monday in a fiery crash, was indeed intoxicated and driving at speeds up to 140 mph when he crashed his 2007 Porsche. Early reports by West Goshen Police Chief Michael Carroll stated, “The initial crash reconstruction investigation determined that Mr. Dunn's vehicle was traveling between 132-140 mph at the time of the collision." Police had been called to the scene of the accident which occurred early Monday morning at 2:30 a.m. on Pennsylvania’s State Route 322. "Upon arrival, police located one vehicle off the road and in the woods that was fully engulfed in flames," a police report stated. The coroner’s report confirmed through toxicology tests that Dunn’s blood alcohol concentration or BAC was 0.196%, which is well over Pennsylvania’s legal limit of 0.08%. The actor, who is most famous for his role in the “Jackass” television and movie roles, was seen just hours prior to the accident in a bar drinking. Photos posted on his Twitter account confirm eye witness testimony that he was drinking. The manager of the bar has denied that Dunn seemed intoxicated and claimed that Dunn was not a “hardcore drinker, at least not when he was here.” Dunn had several projects he was working on including a show called “Proving Ground” that he hosted which was set to air on the G4 channel in June. He also has recently been seen on the NBC show “Minute to Win It” which was also scheduled to be aired in June.

DUI Laws in Pennsylvania

The Ryan Dunn case raises interesting legal questions for the family of the friend who was killed in the accident. Dram shops are the legal terms used to describe a bar, club or tavern where alcoholic beverages are sold. Dram shop laws may allow an injured party to file a lawsuit against a “dram shop” or liquor store, tavern or bar if they sold liquor to an obviously intoxicated person or minor who then left the premises and either injured or killed another party. The term “dram” was historically derived from the time when alcoholic drinks were sold in a “dram” or small unit, but now the term is used to describe the legal laws which are used to protect the public from the irresponsible sell of alcoholic beverages. It is illegal in every state for a driver to operate a motorized vehicle if their blood alcohol concentration is greater than 0.08%. In February of 2006, Pennsylvania updated their DUI laws, eliminating the old DUI standard of .10%, lowering it to 0.08%. It will be interesting to see how the investigation progresses and whether or not witnesses can provide testimony to prove that the bar owner or employees were illegally serving alcohol to an obviously intoxicated Dunn or not. It is interesting to note that one of the first things the manager of the bar stated was that Dunn “didn't seem to be intoxicated at the time he left.”

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

If you have been injured from the negligent actions of another person, you may be able to receive compensation for your loss. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only illegal (and the driver can face criminal charges), but if you are injured by an intoxicated driver you may be able to file a civil lawsuit. DUI lawyers can help drivers who have been charged with DUI and individuals who have been injured by an intoxicated driver. Find a DUI attorney to review your DUI case and make sure you get the compensation you need to recover from your DUI injuries or losses.