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DUI Car Accidents

It is estimated that thousands of people are injured in car accidents caused by drunk drivers every year. In fact, drinking and driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents in the United States. Drunken driving not only impairs a driver’s vision and hearing, but it can substantially lower a driver’s ability to react.

Laws have been passed to curb drunken driving including implementing stricter driving laws, increasing police enforcement and establishing more sobriety checkpoints, but wrongful deaths and fatal car accidents are still common.

All states have made it illegal to drive with a blood alcohol concentration or BAC level of 0.08% or higher but many drivers, especially women or drivers with a lower body mass, may find that they are impaired and unable to drive safely with a much lower BAC.

How can we prevent DUI accidents?

Is it possible to drive after you have had a few drinks? Some argue that there is no reason for anyone to drive after they have had a drink, but critics counter that with better education about the effects of alcohol, it may be possible for people to drink and drive responsibly.

Most people agree, however, that one of the best ways to curb DUI accidents is to help people understand the problem. Organizations, such as Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), have dedicated years and countless hours to helping drivers understand the consequences of their reckless actions.

Sometimes a few preventative steps are all it takes to save lives. Next time you drink consider designating a driver before you go out. Take turns so one person is not saddled with the responsibility each night. State laws have also changed. Some of the most recent changes include:

• Increasing the fines and penalties for DUI. • Suspending a driver’s license for the first DUI offense. • Forced installation of Key-ignition locks which are attached to a breathalyzer. • Confiscating the car of the DUI offender. • Forcing the DUI offender to purchase of high risk insurance after a DUI arrest. • Forcing the DUI offender to offer restitution to the injured party.

Many DUI preventative measures are controversial, but there are some indications that car accidents caused by DUI are on the decline. A large part of the success can be attributed, not only to the aggressive measures listed above, but from the increase in the minimum drinking wage which occurred in July of 1984.

Of course any DUI accident is one too many, but with increased education of DUI risks and strong enforcement policies, hopefully we will continue to see a decline in DUI accidents and deaths.

What if you have been injured by a Drunk Driver?

If you have been injured by a DUI driver it is time to get the help you need from a DUI lawyer. Most DUI lawyers will offer a free consultation to review your claim and find out if you have a DUI case.

DUI attorneys have handled hundreds or thousands of DUI cases. DUI law is their specialty, and they will dedicate themselves to ensuring you get justice. Find a DUI lawyer who can give you good DUI advice so you can make a smart decision about your DUI case.