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Drunk Driving - Top 10 hidden consequences

Drivers arrested for drunk driving frequently mention they are willing to plead to the charges to simply to put the drunk driving arrest behind them. They are willing to pay high fines and penalties, have their license suspended and potentially face jail time to avoid the hassle and expense of hiring a DUI lawyer and fighting the chargeswith a potentially lengthy legal battle.
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What drivers fail to realize is that there are a variety of hidden costs that may not appear in the penal code but which may follow the driver for years to come. For example, employment opportunities can be severely limited, especially for drivers or workers who are employed in the security field. It is not unusual for companies to perform routine background checks when you apply for a job. But let’s look at a variety of other hidden consequences you might face if you are convicted of drunk driving.

Top 10 Hidden Consequences of a DUI Conviction

  1. A drunk driving conviction can affect your current and future employment. In this competitive job market employers may be unwilling to hire a worker who has a criminal record.
  2. Increased auto insurance rates. Many states will require drivers to purchase special insurance policies if they are arrested for DUI as a requirement to reinstate their driver’s license. These high risk policies may be required for many years.
  3. Certain types of DUI convictions may eliminate your right to purchase firearms.
  4. Some countries do not allow individuals with a DUI to enter their country.
  5. The high cost of license reinstatement. Whether you face only an administrative license suspension or you are convicted of DUI, to reinstate your license may be costly, too costly for some drivers.
  6. Some DWI charges may affect your credit rating making it more difficult and expensive to get loans and access to credit.
  7. Loss of a commercial driver’s license, which ultimately threatens your work opportunities and your ability to support your family.
  8. DUI convictions can jeopardize your career if you are serving in the United States military.
  9. Multiple DUI arrests and convictions can jeopardize an individual’s right to United State’s citizenship.
  10. Multiple DUI convictions may eliminate your ability to get medical insurance or life insurance policies.
As you can see, many of these DUI consequences are not penalties outlined by state law. They are hidden costs of a DUI conviction. Additionally, in many states the DUI conviction cannot be expunged from your driving record and may affect you well into the future.

Hiring a Drunk Driving Lawyer

  On our website we always encourage drivers who have been arrested to talk to a DUI lawyer before they decide whether or not they will plead guilty to driving under the influence. Most DUI lawyers will offer a free consultation to review the details of your drunk driving arrest. After the free consultation there is no obligation to hire a DUI lawyer, but they can outline the strengths and weaknesses of your DUI case. If the prosecution’s case against you is strong they can potentially negotiate a plea agreement with the prosecution.
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