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Drunk Driving - No Virginia License

Thousands of drivers are arrested each year in the state of for operating a motorized vehicle without a Virginia driver’s license. Whether you have recently arrived in the state or you have failed to renew your expired license, if you are stopped and arrested for driving without a Virginia license you may face high fines and penalties.

When can I be charged with driving without a license?

  Drivers in the state of Virginia may be charged with driving without a Virginia license if they have resided in Virginia for 6 month but have not applied for a Virginia license. What if you are have been a resident of Virginia but your license has expired? The same law applies. It is imperative that you make sure to renew your Virginia driver’s license prior to the expiration date.

Consequences of driving without a Virginia driver’s license

  Drivers who are arrested for driving without a Virginia driver’s license do not simply get a slap on the wrist and a small fine. This is considered a criminal offense and first time violators can expect to be charged with a Class II Misdemeanor. Charges will be even more serious if you have been arrested before for the same charge. Arrested drivers can expect to have their license suspended for 90 days and are required to pay a fine of $750. If you have been arrested before your charges will be raised to a Class I Misdemeanor which can raise the required fines to $2,500 and up to 12 months in jail.

Arrested for DUI and driving without a Virginia Driver’s License

  Recently we had a question on our forum from a driver who was charged with DUI but wondered how his driver’s license could have been suspended if he did not have a driver’s license in the first place. I think the bottom line for this driver is that he will be facing penalties for drunk driving in Virginia which can include jail time, a one year license revocation, potential installation of an ignition interlock device and fines and penalties for driving without a Virginia driver’s license. What the Virginia DUI court is also probably indicating to this driver is that they need not bother requesting or applying for a Virginia driver’s license until the suspension period for the driving without a license and the DUI license suspension have both been completed. What if this driver lived in another state and was just visiting Virginia? Depending on their home state they may also be facing license suspension charges in their own state.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer after a drunk driving arrest

  Some Virginia drivers attempt to defend drunk driving charges without legal assistance, but due to the severity of current Virginia DWI laws, this is not recommended. For the driver on our forum their DUI penalties and fines will be further increased for driving without a valid driver’s license (if they are a Virginia resident). Contact a drunk driving lawyer today if you have questions about how driving without a driver’s license may increase your drunk driving penalties and how long your Virginia driver’s license may be suspended.
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