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Drunk Driving kills on July 4th Holiday

American holidays are the deadliest time on the roadways for drivers. According to data from NHTSA, “during July 4th holidays over the last five years almost 800 people lost their lives in crashes involving drivers who had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the illegal limit of 0.08% or higher.” Communities around the country have implemented programs to curb drunk driving. State governments are partnering with communities and organizations to implement drunk driving prevention programs this July 4th as well as increasing social awareness of the dangers of drunk driving.

Atlanta, Georgia joins nationwide battle against drunk driving this July 4th

Atlanta, Georgia, has announced it will join with other states to reduce drunk driving on the July 4th. According to the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, July 4th remains one of the most dangerous holidays on Georgia roads. The state has had an average of 88 alcohol related accidents in the last two years from July 3 to July 5th. In Georgia, drivers will see the state’s annual July 4th Operation Zero Tolerance campaign used by law enforcement officials throughout the state. This new campaign will start this Friday and run through July 7, 2013. The state hopes to eliminate any more traffic fatalities, which are up 4 percent from last year from 499 to 520.

North Carolina joins nationwide battle against drunk driving over July 4th holiday

Georgia is not alone. North Carolina also announced the state will crackdown on drunk drivers this July 4th holiday by “aggressively targeting areas where they say accidents are prone.” North Carolina police also have stated their efforts will focus not only on the streets but also on the water. Officers will focus some of their efforts to eliminate drunken boating accidents. In the summer, boating drunk seems to be a growing problem, and police are now focusing some of their efforts to reduce the number of impaired boaters. Unfortunately, on the water it can take only one or two drinks for a boater to increase their chances of a boat collision, running aground or hitting a swimmer in the water. Long vacations on the beaches of North Carolina are common but don’t get caught by North Carolina’s July 4th "Booze It & Lose It" campaign. North Carolina has had success in the last several years with their drunk driving campaigns. In fact, authorities estimate last year the state made “nearly 2,000 DWI citations and investigated more than 300 alcohol-related crashes.” Unfortunately, police forces realize that drinking and driving may be a reality for now, but their goal is to find the drivers before they injure anyone and get them home safely. Drunk driving is all too common, and it seems despite all attempts to curb these behaviors accidents and injuries occur.

Arrested for drunk driving...what now?

Make sure you are not the problem. If you want to drink and drive make sure you find a designated driver. If you are arrested for drunk driving this July 4th weekend it’s time to contact a drunk driving lawyer to find out what penalties and fines you can face.
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