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Drunk Driving in Kentucky - Can I drive in a new state?

Recently a driver asked on our drunk driving forum why their license in their new home state of New Jersey could still be suspended if they had completed all of the suspension requirements in their old state of Kentucky and had a right to drive.
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This is a great question and what most drivers do not realize is that most states share information through an agreement called the Interstate Driver's License Compact. Under this agreement, the 45 participating states share information on a variety of convictions, including a drunk driving conviction. What does this mean for this driver? It means that their Kentucky DUI will be reported to their new state of New Jersey. Now, as this driver found out, the penalties imposed by the states for a first time DUI conviction varies. If you have completed the suspension requirements in Kentucky and move to another state, the new state may not consider you eligible to drive until you have completed additional requirements. Keep in mind, Alaska, California, Michigan, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin are the only non-compact states and don't share Drunk Driving conviction information without other states.

License Suspension in New Jersey after a Drunk Driving Charge in Kentucky

  If you move to New Jersey and had a hardship license in another state, New Jersey may not allow you to apply for a hardship license and may require that you serve the entire term of your DUI suspension. So for instance, if you had a hardship license in your previous state you may not be able to drive in New Jersey simply because they do not offer hardships. If this is the case you may be forced to serve your suspension and then apply for a New Jersey license. If you have been convicted of a DUI in the state of New Jersey you would have faced fees of $300 to $500, $100 to the drunk driving fund, $1,000 per year for three years as a surcharge, and $75 to the Neighborhood Services Fund. If you had a high BAC you may also have to install an ignition interlock device. How many of these fees will apply to your case since you have already met the conditions for DUI outlined in your home state of Kentucky? Contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission for more information or talk to a DUI lawyer who is familiar with the laws of New Jersey. The most important thing is not to drive on a suspended license unless you want to face up to 5 years in jail. The MVC can be reached at (609) 292-7500 if you have more questions.

Hiring a DUI lawyer

  Although it sounds like this driver has done almost everything they need to do to get their driver’s license back, the fact that they moved has complicated the DUI process. The variation in state laws makes it difficult to move state to state with a DUI conviction and assume the ability to drive. Some states have implemented very severe penalties. New Jersey for example charges a very high surcharge every year for drivers convicted of DUI. What’s the best advice? Don’t drink and drive so you can avoid all of these consequences.
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