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Drunk Driving in Illiniois and MDDP

Illinois DUI and a MDDP

  When you are charged with a DUI in Illinois, your driver’s license will most likely undergo a statutory summary suspension for a period of time. During this suspension,  some defendants will be eligible for a temporary permit called an MDDP. Also known as a Monitoring Device Driving Permit, an MDDP gives the driver the ability to drive for any purpose as long as they follow the law.

What exactly is a MDDP and how much does it cost?

  Illinois rewrote its drunk driving laws regarding driving permits in 2009. The old laws restricted your driving to work, school and doctor appointments with a temporary permit. Now, if you follow a few requirements, you can drive wherever you want. First, you must have a breath alcohol interlock ignition device, or BAIID, installed on your car. Every time you start your vehicle, you must blow into this device that measures your blood alcohol content (BAC). While you are driving, the device will require you to blow into it occasionally to make certain a sober friend did not help you start the car. The BAIID you install on your car is rented. There is an $80 installation fee and a monthly payment of $30 to the Secretary of State. There is also a $5-$15 device rental fee and an $80 de-installation fee when your suspension period is over. All drivers, even those who qualify for an MDDP, must serve a 30 day period where they do not drive at all. Your MDDP will go into effect on the 31st day of your summary suspension.

Who is eligible for a Monitoring Device Driving Permit?

  Only first-time offenders, or those who have not been convicted of drunk driving within the last five years, are eligible for an MDDP. There are several other requirements: a valid driver’s license, must be at least 18, the driver has never been convicted of reckless homicide, and the driver did not cause serious injury or death for the current drunk driving charge.

How do I get an MDDP?

  After your Illinois drunk driving arrest, the Secretary of State will mail you a document that tells you all about your summary suspension and information on getting your MDDP. If your summary suspension is upheld, the judge will ask you if you want the MDDP. If you say that you do, the judge will send the order to the Secretary of State who will send you all the information you need to get the MDDP. Once you send the required fee to the State, they will send you the MDDP. Once you take delivery of it, you have 14 days to have the BAIID installed. If you fail to install it within the 14 day period, the Secretary of State will revoke the MDDP forever. If police catch you driving with a MDDP and no BAIID on your car, you will be taken to jail.

Can I lose my MDDP?

  Yes, you can lose your Monitoring Device Driving Permit for the following reasons: * Drive on a suspended license * Try to run from police * Flee the scene of an accident * Involvement in street racing * Reckless driving * Drive a vehicle not equipped with a BAIID * Attempt to ‘cheat’ the BAIID by having someone else blow into it If your Monitoring Device Driving Permit is cancelled, you will have to serve out the rest of your drunk driving suspension and then apply for a Restricted License. The RL will only let you drive to work and/or school. An experienced Illinois drunk driving attorney can help you obtain an Monitoring Device Driving Permit and can look at your entire drunk driving case and help you plan your best course of action
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