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Drunk Driving In Akron Ohio

Akron may be well-known as the Rubber Capital of the World, but for drunk drivers it will become where the rubber meets the road this summer.  Law enforcement agencies throughout Ohio are increasing their vigilance in their efforts to get drunk drivers off the streets. As a result, they have moved from employing mostly DUI checkpoints to utilizing saturation patrols instead.  This allows police to concentrate on a larger area with a higher proportion of DUI arrests than with previous methods. The largest drawback for the previously used DUI checkpoints is that these locations must be announced in advance.  With this increase in surveillance, more and more Akronites are finding their summer fun cut short by drunk driving arrests. If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offense, you should not waste any time making a response.  You should act now to secure the services of a qualified DUI/OVI attorney in your area. Drunk driving in Ohio is charged as operating a vehicle impaired (OVI).  The legal limit for intoxication in Ohio is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08.  Your BAC can be determined based on a variety of chemical tests, including those utilizing blood, breath or saliva samples. At the time of your arrest, your driver’s license will be automatically suspended.  This is the case even if you refuse to submit to a chemical test to determine your BAC.  You will only have 30 days to respond to this suspension in court or you will risk losing your license permanently. The legal process for defending yourself in an OVI case is complicated and time-consuming.  Additionally, the penalties for OVI are severe and can be life-altering for both you and your family.  The only way to protect your rights and privileges is to secure the services of a knowledgeable OVI lawyer as soon as possible.