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Driving with a suspended license what are the penalties?

Recently on our DUI forum a user asked, “I was convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) last year in the State of Texas and my driver’s license was suspended for a year. I have tried to get a provisional license to be able to drive to and from work but the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said I do not qualify. I am wondering what will happen if I am caught driving to and from work without a valid driver’s license?” Driving on Rohypnol, Date Rape Drug

When can you get your driver’s license suspended or revoked in Texas?

Drivers may have their Texas driver’s license suspended or revoked for a variety of driving infractions. Texas drivers may review the Transportation Code at Section 521.291-461 for more information, but common offenses can include driving under the influence (DUI), conviction of certain drug offenses, multiple moving violations, refusing to submit to a chemical test, and driving without insurance. You mentioned you were arrested for DUI. Although state laws vary, most state’s penalties can include jail time, high fines, probation, and other penalties. States will also immediately suspend your driver’s license. It’s also not unusual for some states to deny the request for a provisional license. The denial in your case means you will not be allowed to even drive to and from work, school and doctor’s appointments. So let’s take a look your question. What will happen if you are caught in the State of Texas driving with a suspended license?

Penalties for driving with a suspended license in Texas?

Section 521.457 of the Texas Transportation Code details the fines and penalties which can be imposed if you are arrested for driving with a suspended license. Specifically, you can be fined $100 up to $500 and be forced to spend at least 72 hours in jail up to six months in jail. It’s also important to note that you will be charged with a criminal misdemeanor with penalties and fines increasing for every repeated offense. The state is also likely to extend your license suspension. With this in mind, driving with a suspended license is never a good idea. It may be a hassle, but to avoid high fines, an extended license suspension and possible jail time you will need to find an alternative means of transportation. When can I get my license reinstated? To find out more information about when you can have your license reinstated you will need to discuss your case with the Texas Department of Motor vehicles (DMV). They will be able to tell you exactly how long your license will be suspended, the fees you will need to pay for reinstatement, and whether you will need SR-22 insurance. Bottom Line: Driving on a suspended license is never a good idea. Not only do you face high fines and jail time, you may also have your driver’s license suspension extended. More information can be found by contacting the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.