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Do I have to list a DUI on a Job Application?

If you have been arrested for DUI and you are applying for a job one of the most common questions is do you have to list your DUI on your job application. This question can be complicated and it may depend on the specifics of your situation, but there are a few things to consider before listing it. Can the DUI arrest be cleared from your driving record? After you have been arrested for DUI you need to find out immediately how you can protect your future. This can include not only your future driving privileges and auto insurance coverage but also your future employment options. If you have not explored whether or not you can clear your record, this is the first step before admitting you have been arrested or convicted for DUI. It is also important to understand what the question on the job application is really asking. Some job applications are only requesting information about prior DUI convictions. So if you have been arrested for DUI but were not convicted, you may be able to answer no. Many employers will do a background check for all potential employees and will find out if you have been charged and convicted of DUI whether you admit it or not. If you have been convicted they may choose not to hire you.

Expunging your DUI Conviction

Driving records can include information about a driver’s violations, license restrictions, criminal convictions and insurance information. These records can be monitored and checked by potential employers and insurance agencies. Unfortunately, any type of driving infraction or arrest can hurt your chances of receiving low insurance rates or getting hired by potential employers. So what can you do? In some cases a DWI conviction can be expunged, which means it can be sealed or erased. If it is sealed or erased it may almost be as if you were never arrested for DUI. I say almost because in many states the expunged DUI arrest may be revealed and used against you if you are convicted of another DUI. Your DUI penalties may also be more severe for any subsequent DUI arrests. Also, keep in mind that certain job applications such as those for a public office, a government job or a request for certain types of professional licenses may require you to admit you have been convicted of a DUI. When is an expungement allowed? In certain states it may be allowed if a driver is not on probation, has not been charged with any new crimes and has completed all of the steps outlined by a judge.

Hiring a DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for DUI you may face severe DUI penalties. Even first time DUI offenders may face high DUI fines, probation, jail terms, mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, or mandatory attendance in an alcohol education course. State laws vary on DUI expungement. Talk to a DUI lawyer in your state who is familiar with the process to expunge your DUI conviction on your driving record. Do not let one mistake ruin your life and your ability to seek future employment.