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Did You Hire the Wrong DWI Lawyer?

While the field of law is as complex as anything in the world, the DWI field is relatively simple to understand. If you want to avoid getting into trouble, avoid driving after drinking. If you are caught making this mistake, or are accused of drinking and driving, it's time to consult with a DWI lawyer. But what DWI lawyer should you hire? It's a critical decision. When you hire any lawyer, be as judgmental as you possibly can be. This guide asks questions and gives answers on how you can hire the right DWI lawyer. Be Frugal, But Be Open Price is quite often your hardest decision. Look to any business, and you get low value for a low price, moderate value for a fair price, and varying values for high prices. Simply paying your lawyer more does not mean you get more, but paying him or her the lowest possible rates is dangerous. Be frugal in your spending, and avoid spending tens of thousands you don't have, but also be aware you get what you pay for. Focus on DWI Lawyers Instead of hiring someone who has “some” experience in DWI law, get a lawyer who specializes. Finding a good DWI lawyer is not impossible. Look online and you'll see blogs and sites like this one with lawyers who specialize in DWI law. That's the kind of legal representation you need. Save Time in the Hiring Process Online To save time in your search, look online. To save time in interviews, be clear in any emails and phone calls on what this lawyer is capable of, what he or she charges, and how soon he or she can start helping you. But the beauty of looking online is you can see a lot: relevant experience, ways to get in touch, and valuable information on DWI law itself. When to Fire Your DWI Lawyer If you hired the wrong DWI lawyer, you need not continue to work with him or her. There is no law saying you can't change lawyers. Because there are so many DWI lawyers, you still have many options. You do have to pay the lawyer fees up to that point, but don't hold onto someone who's failing. Importance of Communication If your DWI lawyer is not responding fast enough to emails and phone calls, you may want a new one. If your lawyer has no time to answer your messages, how can he or she spend days of planning and hours in court to protect your rights? Communication skills are vital, but that's not what is taught law school, it's what you learn on the job and in life. Value of Winning If you fire your DWI lawyer because he or she is not communicating with you, or is trying to raise fees, or is simply making legal mistakes, hire a winner with your second try. Remember that you stand to save thousands of dollars, weeks if not months in jail, and your driving rights. These are very valuable for all of us. If you stick with the wrong DWI lawyer, you risk all of these points and more.