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Dangers of Under Age Drinking and Driving

We all know the way a typical drinking and driving arrest goes: someone drinks, drives, is pulled over, faces license suspension, fines, jail time, and probation. However, what's often not considered is the dangers of under age drinking and driving. This blog posts guides you through the laws, dangers, and problems with under age drinking and driving. Zero Tolerance Law Most all states have some kind of under age drinking and driving law in the books; many states call it the “zero tolerance” law. This means you can be charged with a DUI if you are drinking any amount and driving. Anyone under 21 cannot drink according to state laws. For example, if a college student of 18 years of age drinks one beer, drives, and is pulled over, he or she will be charged with a DUI. This means that no alcohol level is allowed. Most states use either .01% or .02% as the legal limit for under age drivers, which pretty much makes it so any drinking that occurs is illegal. Consider that the blood alcohol content limit for drivers in all 50 states is .08%. Why is it so much stricter for under age drinking? Everyone does it, right? Dangers of Drinking and Driving Put someone who's been drinking behind the wheel of a car and you greatly increase the chances of an accident. Put someone under the legal drinking age behind a wheel after some drinking and you have even more chance of an accident and potentially a death. Studies have pointed out most drinking and driving arrests are individuals under 34 years of age, and that under age drivers are very commonly involved in accidents. Different states have different statistics, but drinking and driving is quite simply a leading cause of death. Problem of Under Age Drinking and Driving Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to under age drinking and driving. It's been a major problem since younger adults started driving. The problem is that, though some drinking is very common, especially for those under 21, there are too many deaths involved to be ignored. How to Defend a DUI Defending an under age drinking and driving charge can be very problematic, but with the help of a DUI lawyer you can save valuable time and money, and also avoid stiff penalties. The problem is that in many states you will also be charged with a minor in possession or under the influence; since it's illegal to be drinking under 21 at all, the penalties are designed to curb this. With the help of an experienced DUI lawyer, you can at the least lessen the penalties. This is never a happy time, but do not go through a criminal law hearing without proper representation.