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Dangers of Driving with a Suspended License After a DUI

Just getting a DUI is bad enough. You went through the process, you paid the fines, your license was suspended, you had jail time, and received probation. However, studies have pointed out most drivers who lose their license, often because of a drinking and driving or other DUI related offense, continue to drive. It's actually quite common. This does not make it safe to do so. In some cases, there may be confusion on when you can't drive and for how long. But one question we often hear is, why? Why lose your license for a DUI, especially if you feel the DUI was wrong? Why Your License Is Suspended It may seem obvious, but by drinking and driving or using drugs (illegal and sometimes legal), you were endangering other drivers. Just like any mistake, it comes with consequences. It may be impossible for you not to drive. You may have no other way to get to work. You may have a medical condition. You may be nowhere near a bus station. How can you get out of this jam? You can fight the DUI in the first place. It's possible to successfully defend a DUI. Otherwise, by driving, you face severe penalties. There is no easy solution to give. How long can't you drive? Quite often in your first DUI case, the suspension is for one year. For multiple DUI violations or if you are caught driving on a suspended license, the penalty can be several years. This all depends on the nature of your case. For example, if you were involved in an accident, and hurt someone because of your driving, your suspension can be much longer. If you've received multiple DUI violations, you may face felony charges and therefore your license is suspended for longer periods. What penalties do you face? If you drive on a suspended license and are pulled over, you will be arrested and taken to jail. In most cases, you can post bail and leave. You will have another day in court and likely will face fines and extended jail time. How do you get help? If you lost a DUI case and kept driving on a suspended license, you still need a lawyer. Actually, there are some defenses for you to consider. You may have been unaware of how the laws worked. It may be a simple clerical error where you never received notice. In cases where you were told of the suspended license, you likely think a lawyer is inconsequential. In any case this serious, you still need legal representation. You may face extended time in jail. On the other hand, there may be mistakes in the case; but you won't know unless you have a lawyer to defend you.