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Dane Eagle denies he was drunk on night of arrest

Florida State Representative Dane Eagle denies he was drunk on the night of April 22 when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Eagle released a statement two weeks after his DUI arrest in Tallahassee. According to Dane Eagle, “I don't believe I am guilty of the charge I was arrested for." He did admit, however, that the day he was arrested he “consumed a few beers” and the day “did involve alcohol.” He notes, however, that his consumption of alcoholic beverages occurred much earlier in the day when he was with his friends, family and colleagues. "I do admit to drinking a few drinks much earlier in the day before. But that evening I did not," Dane Eagle said. The drunk driving arrest occur later in the morning when Dane Eagle said he was going to Taco Bell for something to eat. Eagle notes he was exhausted and hungry, which could have led to the reckless driving. "There are two noteworthy points to address. First I should have never been out in the early morning hours, driving on very little sleep and trying to eat the food I just purchased all at the same time,” Dane Eagle said. “That kind of distracted driving is dangerous and I thank god no one was hurt. Second, the officer had every right to pull me over because of my driving. While I dispute his conclusions, I do not dispute that I was driving recklessly and had poor judgment in refusing the breath test."

Dane Eagle does not believe he has an alcohol problem

  Dane Eagle believes the officer was doing his job, but he denies he was intoxicated. Eagle has asked his Florida constituents to forgive him and denies any type of alcohol problems. He also said he should have agreed to take the breath test at the time of the arrest but hopes that everyone can look past his mistakes. He plans to make it up to his voters and knows that this experience will help him “learn and grow.”

Eagle arrest April 22 for DUI

  Dane Eagle was arrested early in the morning on April 21st when a Tallahassee police officer pulled him over after he hit the curb and ran a stoplight while making a U-turn. He had just purchased food at a local Taco Bell. The officer said he smelled alcohol on the statesman’s breath and Eagle had “watery, bloodshot eyes.” Eagle stated that the light was not red but yellow. Eagle stumbled from the vehicle, refused to take the field sobriety test, and later refused to provide a chemical test after his DUI arrest. Under Florida DUI laws drivers have given their implied consent to take a chemical test after a DUI arrest. Eagle’s refusal will result in a suspension of his Florida driver’s license even if he is ultimately found not guilty of DUI. At the press conference following his DUI arrest he refused to discuss the details of the DUI arrest per his legal counsel’s instructions but would “look forward to publically sharing the entire story at an appropriate time.”
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