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Dallas Cowboy Josh Brent Sidelined by NFL

Josh Brent, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle, was arrested several days ago in Irving, Texas, on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter one day before Dallas was scheduled to play the Cincinnati Bengals, killing his friend and team mate Jerry Brown, Jr. According to reports the pair had just completed a night of partying at Club Privae in Dallas, Texas. The fatal accident occurred near the 1400 block of John Carpenter Freeway. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]Back of Dallas Cowboys helmet Back of Dallas Cowboys helmet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]   A day after the accident the hearts of family and friends were grieving as the Cowboys prepared to battle the Cincinnati Bengals. Many fans tuned into the game Sunday afternoon and anger replaced shock as the television cameras spotted Josh Brent on the sidelines. According to CNN, this morning the NFL has released notification that Josh Brent will no longer be allowed to appear on the sidelines during games. Announcers of the game shared their disappointed with the Cowboys for allowing Brent on the field. This morning Cowboy’s coach Jason Garrett noted he was not aware Josh Brent was there until pregame warm-ups and Jerry Jones announced he was not aware until the game had started. Regardless of who knew what when, everyone agrees the move “was not appropriate.” What is evident is the support that his teammates and even Brown’s mother have for Josh Brent. Garrett noted that Stacey Jackson, Brown’s mother, had specifically asked that the team support Josh Brent and keep him involved with the team as much as possible during this devastating time, and although Brent showed up at the game “reluctantly,” his teammates had encouraged him to be there. Garret noted after the game that, "There were no bad intentions other than to support Josh as part of our football team. This is a game and you need to be here. That's what our players wanted to convey to him and they really encouraged him to come to the game. I thought Josh handled it beautifully the way that he came and then when he felt like there were some issues he felt the right thing to do was to leave. But we're going to support him in every way that we can. We also will be sensitive to this kind of issue." Josh Brent will officially be charged this week, according to Heath Harris of the district attorney’s office. Prosecutors stated they hope to have his DUI case presented before the grand jury before year’s end. Until his trial was released on a $500,000 bond, which was lowered to $100,000. He is also required to wear an electronic bracelet (SCRAM device) which monitors his intoxication levels and has been ordered not to consume any alcohol. His license has also been suspended. If any of these requirements are violated he will be immediately sent to jail. Monday morning many disagree about what “supporting” Josh Brent should include. But most agree that having him high-five his teammates during a televised football game may send the wrong message to his fans about the consequences of his actions.
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