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Cordle drunk driving confession video goes viral

Matthew Cordle’s three and a half minute video confessing to killing Vincent Canzani has gone viral. But the New York Daily News reports, Angela Canzani, Vincent’s daughter, is unimpressed. According to reports, Canzani claims the video is “misleading” and sends “the wrong message to everyone,” by painting Cordles as some type of hero for confessing to the killing. According to Canzani, even without the video testimony the state will have more than enough evidence to convict Cordle of drunk driving. And she is probably right. There was a video of the incident, and there was third car involved, presumably with witnesses who can testify to what Cordle has done.

What does Cordle say on the video?

The video, which was produced by Because I said I would, details how Cordle spent the night leading up to the accident. He confesses he has dealt with depression and admits to getting into the car, although he was “blackout” drunk. By the end of the video he admits “I struck a car. I killed a man.” The video ends with a public service message:  “please don’t drink and drive.” Canzani believes Cordle’s motive for producing the video was to convince the court he was sorry for his actions with the anticipation of getting a lighter sentence. She also notes that for the past three months Cordle “would not cooperate with police or with the insurance company.” Her main complaint? That Cordle went public without first talking to the family, although she does believe that there may have been a time in the future when raising public awareness could have been appropriate and less misleading. Others argue the video is great evidence for the prosecution and Cordle’s motives are irrelevant. It’s doubtful anyone would see Matt Cordle as a hero. Matt made an irresponsible choice to drink and drive that ended an innocent man’s life, although Cordle's attorney said that the video is a "strong testament" to his client's character. Matthew Cordle will be charged for aggravated vehicular homicide for the June 22 death of Vincent Canzani, a 61-year-old U.S. Navy veteran. Canzani was killed when he was struck by Cordle’s vehicle going the wrong way on an Ohio highway. If convicted he will face up to eight years in prison.

What does the video mean?

Honestly, a confession seems refreshing. In a time when so many are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions it’s nice to hear Cordle say, “"When I get charged I'll plead guilty and take full responsibility for everything I've done to Vincent and his family.” Do we truly know Cordle’s motives for making a video? Of course not, but the fact that he has given the prosecution what they need to put him away for a long time should bring the Canzani family some peace of mind, especially if it changes the mind of one of the millions of people who have seen his video and educates them about the risk and possible penalties of drinking and driving.
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