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Columbus Ohio DUI

Summer is in full swing in Columbus and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather.  But if your summer fun includes drinking and driving, you may find it coming to a quick end. Law enforcement agencies in Ohio are working hard to eliminate drunk drivers from their streets, and this summer they are changing their tactics to ensure that they are even more effective.  In the past police have used DUI checkpoints to catch drunk drivers, but now they are moving to saturation patrols instead.  The drawback to DUI checkpoints is that the planned locations must be publicized in advance, but saturation patrols can cover a wider area that has a history of higher than average DUI arrests. In addition to the increased surveillance sponsored by law enforcement, the justice system has ensured that the penalties for DUI in Ohio are very swift and severe.  If you have been arrested for a drunk driving related crime in the Columbus area, you must contact a qualified OVI/DUI attorney as soon as possible. The actual charge for drunk driving in Ohio is operating a vehicle impaired (OVI).  The penalties for OVI include fines, alcohol treatment programs, vehicle seizure, and jail time. The penalties assigned will be based on circumstances specific to your case as well as your prior driving record.  If a chemical test of your blood, breathe or urine indicates that you have a blood alcohol content of more than the legal limit of .08, your license will be suspended immediately at the time of your arrest.  Drivers who refuse to submit to field sobriety test will have their license suspended on the spot as well.  You license will be suspended between 90 days and 5 years depending on the circumstances of your case. As you can see, these consequences can be life-altering and their impact on both your life and that of your family will extend well into the future.  For this reason, it is vital that you secure the services of a qualified DUI/OVI lawyer quickly.  It’s the only way to ensure that your rights and privileges are protected.