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Celebrity DUI in 2011

Celebrities are well-known for behaving badly and the trend continues for celebrities in 2011. In January we had the arrest of Jamie Pressly best known for her role in “My Name is Earl”, who was charged with DUI and arrested for having a blood alcohol concentration above .08%. Eddie Furlong of Green Hornet and Terminator II fame was also arrested in January for failing to stay away from this estranged wife. Finally, in May, Estella Warren was arrested for hitting three parked cars while driving drunk, attempting to resist arrest and kicking a cop and wriggling her way out of her handcuffs and escaping the police station. After all of her antics she was arrested for felony escape, assault, DUI and hit and run. So what do all these celebrities have in common with other DUI offenders? They will need good legal counsel to get the best DUI defense possible.

What Can a DUI Lawyer do for you?

DUI attorneys understand state DUI laws and how they will affect your DUI case. They are an important asset and can potentially lessen the possibility of severe DUI penalties. DUI lawyers may also be able to help you after a DUI arrest and conviction to move forward with your life and clear your driving record. All fifty-states have implemented severe DUI penalties for drivers who operate a motorized vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08%. DUI penalties can include: • Jail or prison time • Felony DUI • Heavy DUI fines • Suspension of a driver's license • Installation of an ignition interlock device • Probation • Alcohol and drug education classes What if you are charged with a DUI? There can be severe consequences for you socially, financially and professionally.

Hiring a DUI Attorney

How do you find a great DUI attorney? Talk to your friends and family members. They may have recommendations or know attorneys who know good DUI lawyers. The internet can also provide valuable insight into legal practices. Visit several DUI attorneys. Ask the right questions and make sure they have handled cases similar to your DUI case. What is their success record? Do you feel comfortable talking to them and feel they have the right expertise and legal skills to defend your DUI charges? Make sure you find a DWI lawyer who is willing to take your DUI case to court, if necessary. Before signing any type of legal agreement, understand how much the lawyer will charge you for their services. Remember, the goal of legal service is not always to find the least expensive lawyer. In some cases you may get exactly what you pay for; sometimes paying more for a strong DUI lawyer can pay-off. Keep in mind, celebrities may be able to avoid some of the toughest DUI penalties or hire a high-priced attorney. You may not be so fortunate, but you can find someone who understands DUI law and is willing to fight for you and for your future.