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Car accident with a truck- common causes

Driving is a serious responsibility for all drivers. When you are operating a vehicle that can weigh up to 125 tons it is even more important. If a semi-truck is in a car accident with a vehicle, the truck always wins. This blog will address some of the most common reasons for a car accident  involving a truck and what you can do to protect yourself on the highways this holiday season.

Passenger cars drive unsafely, causing a car accident

Passenger car drivers may want to place a significant portion of the blame on semi-truck drivers, but the truth is many drivers take unnecessary and risky actions that put themselves in harm’s way. Some of the most common unsafe driving actions which can cause car accident or a truck accident include: 1.    Changing lanes in front of the truck and not giving the truck enough room to stop can cause truck accidents. 2.    Positioning the passenger car in areas around the truck where the trucker does not have visibility can cause truck accidents 3.    Merging in front of the truck onto a freeway and not providing enough space between the car and the truck 4.    Incorrect passing 5.    Making left turns in front of a truck in an intersection 6.    Speeding and weaving in and out of traffic without allowing enough distance around the truck

Mistakes by Semi-truck operators that cause trucking accidents

But is it always the passenger car driver’s fault? No, there are many times the semi-truck driver is to blame. for the truck accidents. For instance, semi-truck drivers may do the following and cause truck accidents: 1.    Lack adequate training and not understand the proper techniques to operate the truck. 2.    Drive when they are tired or fatigued, especially in the middle of the night. 3.    Operate their truck for more hours at a time than is advisable. 4.    Rush or speed when driving to complete tight schedules. 5.    Faulty maintenance of the truck including bald tires, worn-out brakes, neglect of maintenance schedules, cracks in the wheel axles or failure to change the oil according to the required schedule. 6.    Poorly loaded cargo. This can increase the risk of turnovers, jackknifing and cargo falling into traffic causing injury or death. 7.    Unreasonable deadlines for moving cargo 8.    Inclement weather conditions

Semi Truck operators Driving under the Influence and cause truck accidents

It is illegal in every state for drivers to operate a motorized vehicle if they have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. Semi-truck drivers have an even higher standard. Alcohol can impair the driver’s ability to react and safely operate their truck, often with deadly consequences. Drunk driving is illegal and if you are operating a semi-truck and you are arrested and convicted of DUI you will lose your commercial driver's license or CDL license and generally you are not able to get a temporary work permit for the duration of the license suspension. If you are involved in a car accident with a semi-truck you are more likely to suffer serious injury or death. The good news is more standard safety procedures have been implemented and companies have made a concerted effort to reform their safety procedures to eliminate the dangers of trucking and ensure that employees and other motorists are safe.