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Can I Get My DUI Reduced to a Lesser Charge?

You have been arrested for DUI. At first, you just wanted to put the experience behind you as quickly as possible. Pleading guilty to a DUI to get the DUI arrest and conviction behind you sounds appealing, but is it the best choice? Every DUI arrest and surrounding elements are unique. Your individual situation may qualify you to have your DUI reduced to Reckless Driving, but the outcome is not guaranteed.

Advantages of Getting DUI Reduced to Reckless Driving

* A DUI conviction, in some states, could stay on your record for life. A Reckless Driving conviction does not carry the same social stigma as a DUI. * A Reckless Driving conviction probably carries lower fines, but similar penalties as a DUI. * Your insurance company may cancel your coverage if you get a DUI. One thing is certain: your rates will skyrocket with a DUI on your driving record. * If your job requires you to drive, a DUI conviction may cause your employer to terminate you. * A future employer may view you as a liability risk if they see the DUI on your record. * If you were to get your current DUI reduced, and you were arrested again for a DUI in the future, then you would be treated as a first-time DUI offender.

Why Would the Prosecutor Reduce my DUI?

It is a common misconception that the judge is the one who has the power to reduce a DUI charge. In reality, only the prosecutor has the ability to modify the DUI charge. If you are successful in getting your DUI reduced, your fines may be less, but you will face many of the same penalties. In other words, you may still be required to go to DUI School, take part in an alcohol evaluation program, and/or complete community service. The prosecutor benefits from the deal because he averts an acquittal if the weak DUI case had gone on to trial. So, you avoid the DUI conviction, but you still get the valuable lessons on the dangers of drinking and driving and help with potential addiction issues, and the prosecutor can close the DUI case.

Can my DUI charge be reduced?

Every DUI arrest is unique. Contact a DUI attorney to review your DUI case. * Did the police stop you because your driving indicated that you were impaired? * Was the traffic stop lawful? * Were any open containers of alcohol found in your automobile? * Were you involved in an accident with injuries? * They will request the police video of your field sobriety tests. Did you appear impaired? * How did the police administer the breath, blood, or urine test? * Did you refuse the chemical test? * What was your BAC (blood alcohol concentration)? * How much time elapsed between the DUI stop and the administration of the BAC test? * Did you conduct yourself appropriately with law enforcement? Many factors play a part in deciding if your DUI case is a good candidate for reduction. The only way to know for sure is to consult with a DUI attorney in your area.