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Building a Michigan DUI Defense

In the state of Michigan, DUI charges stem from the danger in abusing substances and driving. The problem is a big one: many die every year in Michigan due to driving under the influence, particularly young people. For DUI defense, let's first go over what happens before you're pulled over. Why are you pulled over? According to the state of Michigan official site, you weave between lanes, wander from one lane to another, run off the pavement, stop too quickly or slowly, drive too quickly or slowly, go through stop signs or signals, or even drive on the wrong side of the road. Many of these are quite obvious, but by drinking, you're losing the ability to drive and make good decisions. Those who abuse alcohol or drugs and drive are a leading cause of accidents in Michigan. You Need a Michigan DUI Lawyer If you are charged, the first step is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer. This really is not an option. A lawyer will charge you a fee, but he or she will have a key role in your defense. Just getting pulled over and charged does not mean this arrest will stick. Minor mistakes cause the case to be thrown out, if not getting a plea bargain from the prosecution. While getting plea bargains are rare in DUI cases, there are many times where your rights are infringed upon. Defense Based On Officer If the arresting officer made mistakes, the entire case can be put in jeopardy and the charges might be thrown out. If the officer had no reason to pull you over, this infringes upon your rights. If the officer abused you during the arrest, that is against the law. If the officer incorrectly used the breathalyzer, it can cast doubt on the charges. Finally, the officer may have never read you your rights, the Miranda, which is required by law. Defense Based on Breathalyzer Breathalyzer tests are not perfect In fact, they are subject to how experienced an officer is with them. Michigan, like all states, uses the BAC (blood alcohol content) level of .08 when it comes to drinking and driving. If you are over the limit, you will be arrested and charged. However, the breathalyzer is a complex device; readings very close to the limit can sometimes cast doubt on the prosecution's case. More often the arresting officer made a mistake. Winning and Losing Beyond the officer and breathalyzer, your defense can be helped by a variety of things. It's not always about the charges being dropped; more often your penalties can be lessened. Michigan DUI laws are stiff: you can lose your license, face fines, get jail time, be put on probation, among other penalties. However, with the right defense, you can win and move on with your life.