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Avoid Costly Drinking and Driving Fines

One of the downsides often overlooked when it comes to drinking and driving charges is about the money. You may spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, on fines and court costs. How can you save money on DUI court costs? This blog guide goes over ways to avoid the fines, fees, and other costs. Avoid DUI It may be too late, but if you can avoid drinking and driving in the first place, you can save on fines and fees. You may get a designated driver. You may call a cab. You may ask for a ride from a friend who has no drank anything. Thousands die every year because of drinking and driving, and thousands more avoid problems by simply making the right decision and not driving. It's estimated over 50,000 lives are saved every year simply because of the system of using a designated driver. These numbers speak for themselves. Multiple DUI Fines and fees increase the more DUI charges you get. A first time DUI can be costly, yet the fines are not that much – from $500 to $1,000, depending on the state and the nature of the charges. However, what can be more costly are the court fees. You need a lawyer if you want to avoid paying costly fines, but if you win, you then owe more money in legal fees. It's a double edged sword, but remember you will be doing far more than paying some fines if you lose. If you win, or lessen the charges, you can avoid jail time, license suspension, and probation. Cheap Lawyer? Should you hire a low-priced lawyer? Well, simply because a lawyer is “cheap” does not mean he or she is bad. Nor does an expensive price mean a lawyer is good. However, don't let price stop you from looking for a lawyer. You definitely need one. You may be able to lessen the charges, if not have them dropped. You may not have been over the limit at all. The arresting officer may have made a key mistake. These things happen all the time. If you are getting felony charges for multiple DUI offenses, the costs can be quite high, making hiring an experienced DUI lawyer even more important. So don't focus necessarily on price. Choosing a Lawyer You should hire a local lawyer familiar with your state laws. You should not pay tens of thousands of dollars. You should hire a lawyer who has court room experience. You need a lawyer who specializes in DUI law. Other Costs of DUI DUI charges are about more than lawyer fees and misdemeanor or felony fines. A first time offense can mean days to weeks in jail. A felony charge for multiple DUI offenses may mean months in jail. If someone was hurt because of you're driving, you may even face years time in jail. Further, you will be losing your license too, sometimes for years. DUI Defense Strategies How can you win? How can you avoid excessive fines, fees, jail time, and suspensions? There is no magic solution. What you can do is start immediately. Look for a good lawyer immediately. Be completely honest about what happened with your lawyer. Plead not guilty to the charges. Then let your lawyer make a defense. As noted, there is often a hole in the prosecution's case. Your lawyer can find it.