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Arrested For OVI In Youngstown?

Summer is heating up in the Youngstown/Warren area.  There are plenty of pool parties and backyard barbeques to attend.  But residents who add drinking and driving to their summer fun will find the joy of the season coming to a quick end for them this summer. Law enforcement agencies throughout Steel Valley are stepping up their efforts to get drunk drivers off their streets.  This summer they are even changing their tactics to ensure that they are more effective.  In the past, police have used primarily DUI checkpoints in order to catch drunk drivers, but with this method they were impaired by the legal requirement that DUI checkpoints must be publicized before they are put into effect. Now they are employing saturation patrols instead.  These patrols allow them to focus specifically on areas that have had a historically higher drunk driving arrest rate.  This increase in surveillance has caused an increase in the number of drivers being arrested for drunk driving offenses. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in the Youngstown/Warren area, you should contact a qualified DUI/OVI attorney as soon as possible to avoid suffering long-term detrimental consequences. Drunk driving in Ohio is referred to as operating a vehicle impaired or OVI.  This is a very serious crime in Ohio and its penalties range from extensive fines and mandatory alcohol treatment programs to vehicle seizure and even jail time. These consequences will impact your life and that of your family for many years to come.  The process of defending yourself in an OVI case in Ohio is complicated and time-consuming. There are deadlines and legal procedures that the average citizen will not be very knowledgeable regarding.  For this reason, it is imperative that you seek the professional counsel of a reputable OVI lawyer quickly.  Your freedom demands it.