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Arrested For DUI In Buffalo, New York

Sunny summer days are finally here.  Throughout the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area residents and visitors are enjoying being outdoors with barbeques and picnics.  But all this fun could come to a quick end for those who are caught driving while intoxicated. Penalties for drunk driving offenses in New York continue to increase in severity each and every year.  There is a good reason for this – statistics show that one third of traffic fatalities in the state of New York involve impaired or intoxicated drivers or pedestrians. If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offense in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area, your best response is to seek the assistance of an experienced DWI attorney as quickly as possible. The legal proceedings involved in a DWI case are complicated and time-consuming.  You will be required to appear in court for multiple meetings and file substantial amounts of paperwork related to your DWI.  You need a DWI attorney with experience in fighting for the rights of their client in cases just like yours. Your attorney should specialize in DWI cases to ensure that they are able to fully represent your interests. There are two levels of DWI in the state of New York.  The standard DWI is used in cases where the driver has a blood alcohol content (BAC) over .08, while the aggravated DWI is reserved for drivers who have a BAC of more than .18. Penalties for those who are convicted of DWI in New York range from fines to jail time.  You may also be required to perform community service and may have to surrender your driver’s license. Additionally, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device (IID) on your vehicle.  The IID prevents the vehicle from being driven until the driver can provide an alcohol-free breath sample. A DWI conviction can have far-reaching consequences in your life and in the lives of your family members.  In order to ensure the best possible outcome of your DWI case, you should retain the services of a qualified DWI lawyer.