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Arizona drunk driving - Restricted License

If you have been arrested for drunk driving in the state of Arizona one of your main concerns may be whether or not you can continue to drive to work to continue to earn money and support your family. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, some drivers may be able to get their restricted Arizona driver’s license if their violation occurred after February 1, 2006 if they meet certain
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requirements. According to the department the driver must: 1.  Contact the Arizona Department of Transportation and make sure you are eligible for a restricted driver’s license. 2. Verify that there are not other actions or withdrawals pending on your Arizona driver’s license. 3. Install an ignition interlock device on your car and provide proof of the installation to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Drivers must complete the Verification of Installation form and submit it to the DOT(see Arizona Revised Statutes 28-1381, 28-1382, 28-1383, 28-1461 and 28-3319). Drivers who do not offer the MVD proof that they have installed the device within 30 days may face an immediate suspension of their driving privileges and the DOT may extend the length of time you have to drive with an ignition interlock device installed. 4.    Drivers who have been required to attend a alcohol education course by the court must submit a form indicating they have completed this program. 5.    Show proof of purchase of SR22 insurance to the Department of Transportation. 6.    Pay all applicable fees to the Department of Transportation

 Where can I drive with my restricted license?

  If the Arizona Department of Transportation has issued you a restricted license there are very specific places which you can drive. The DOT will allow you to drive:
  • To your place of employment and back home during business hours.
  • From your place of residence to your office and to school if you are seeking post secondary education.
  • To medical appoints or other health care offices for medical treatment
  •  To the ignition interlock device facility if your ignition interlock device needs to be serviced.
  •  To your probationer officers location, if you have one, for scheduled visits.

Can I get a restricted license after Drunk Driving conviction to operate a commercial vehicle?

  According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, “Only drivers with a Class D or Class G driver license may be eligible for a special restricted driver license under Arizona law. If you currently hold a Commercial Driver License you must apply in person at any MVD office for a class D special restricted driver license.”

Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Arizona

  Arizona DUI lawyers are understand Arizona DUI laws and can help you with your DUI case. If you have been arrested for drunk driving in Arizona, even for a first time DUI, it is time to get legal help. There are severe DUI fines and penalties for drunk driving throughout the United States. DUI convictions can cost thousands of dollars in fines and may result in mandatory jail time, probation, license restrictions, and costly insurance purchases.                  
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