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Andrew DuRoss superintendent signs moral clause after DUI

In a new development in the recent DUI arrest for Andrew DuRoss, the Superintendent for the Schaumburg schools Illinois, he will be asked to renegotiate his contract and sign a “moral clause” following his recent plea of ‘guilty’ to a reckless driving charge after a driving under the influence arrest. The arrest occurred last month, but the decision to renegotiate the contract was decided after the Schaumburg Township District 54 school board meeting Thursday night. The contract, which is worth an estimated $195,000 and extends for five years into the 2017-18 school year, will be modified to include the clause. A letter of reprimand was read during the meeting to Andrew DuRoss chastising him for his illegal actions. The letter stated: "Although the incident occurred during non-school hours and off school grounds, you are reminded that as the superintendent, your conduct, during both school and non-school periods, directly reflects on the district, the board of education, the community, our students and their families." The board continued to argue that the arrest due to unlawfully driving while under the influence of alcohol had “called into question” his ability to effectively lead the district. They also noted that if any other additional illegal actions occur the board will have the legal right to fire him.

Details of the Andrew DuRoss DUI arrest

  According to reports, Andrew DuRoss was arrested on February 1, 2014, early in the morning and charged with a DUI. The arrest occurred after a night out with his wife and family friends in Naperville. Andrew DuRoss had dined early at the restaurant and had been notified by management that he should not drive. He did not, however, heed their advice and was seen driving near the restaurant several minutes later. According to court documents, his blood alcohol concentration was well over the legal limit at 0.117%. As part of the plea agreement, Andrew DuRoss has avoided a driving under the influence charge by pleading guilty to reckless driving. He will be under court supervision, will be required to wear an alcohol monitoring device for six months, will have to receive alcohol education counseling and will pay an estimated $2,500 in court costs. The DUI charge was reduced, but no doubt if he is charged again for DUI the penalties will be very severe. Andrew DuRoss issued a statement at the time of the Board’s decision noting that he has accepted the decision. He also noted the entire incident has been difficult for his family. The incident was independently investigated due to the serious nature of the charges. Some of the board members involved in the discussions requested that Andrew DuRoss not be fired, arguing that he had a great career and “who hasn’t gone out and had some fun?” The community reaction, however, has been split with some in the community arguing that Andrew DuRoss should resign in light of the recent reckless driving conviction.
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