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Alabama Drunk Driving - Reinstating your license

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Can I get my Alabama License back after DUI arrest?

  If you have lost your driver’s license due to a drunk driving arrest in Alabama or if you are a resident of Alabama and you were arrested for drunk driving in another state you may need to know how to get your Alabama license reinstated.

Alabama Administrative Penalties for drunk driving

  Drivers in Alabama have given their implied consent to submit to a blood alcohol content test if asked to do so by Alabama law enforcement. Drivers who refuse to submit to the test will face automatic administrative penalties enforced by the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Drivers will also face administrative penalties if their BAC or blood alcohol content is above the legal limit of 0.08%. Breath test refusal in Alabama will result in an automatic 90 day license suspension. If your BAC is above the legal limit you will also face a 90 day license suspension for a first DUI arrest and a one year license revocation for a second DUI offense. If you refuse the blood alcohol content test or you fail the test your driver’s license will be immediately confiscated and you will be given a temporary driving permit (AST-60 form). This permit is good for 45 days following the drunk driving arrest. Drivers have the legal right to request an administrative hearing within 10 days from the date of the drunk driving arrest to challenge the suspension of their driver’s license.

Alabama Driver’s License Point System

  Alabama also uses a point system for different traffic violations. If you have multiple driving infractions you may have also had your license suspended or revoked. For example, reckless driving or reckless endangerment involving a motor vehicle is worth six points, drinking alcohol and operating a motor vehicle is worth 2 points and an Administrative Per Se violation is worth 6 points (this includes a refusal to take a blood alcohol content test or testing and having a blood alcohol content over the legal limit of 0.08%). If you are convicted of drunk driving but the charges did not require a revocation of your driver’s license you will be automatically assessed 6 points.

How do I reinstate my Alabama License?

  If your driver’s license has been suspended or cancelled you must pay a fee of $100. If it has been revoked the fee is $175. Fees for alcohol and drug related offenses are higher: $275 for a license suspension or revocation and if the charges were related to drug use there is an additional $25 fee. The Department of Public Safety also offers a copy of your driving record for $5.75 and crash reports for $15. They do not accept personal checks.\ These fees and the reinstatement are done you have completed your license suspension.

Convicted of Drunk Driving in Alabama

  Most Alabama drivers do not realize that a drunk driving arrest initiates two separate cases against them. There is the civil case, described above, which is initiated by the Alabama Department of Public Safety and another criminal case initiated by the state. The administrative penalties discussed above are assessed by the Alabama Department of Public Safety and are separate from the criminal penalties you can face if convicted of drunk driving in the state of Alabama. If you are convicted of drunk driving the penalties are in addition to the civil penalties, although some can be served concurrently. Contact a DUI lawyer for more information.    
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