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Al Michaels arrested for drunk driving on Friday

Al Michaels, famed NBC sports announcer, was arrested this weekend on suspicion of drunk driving. The arrest, according to authorities, was made late Friday evening at 9:30 p.m. in Southern California. According to Santa Monica police Sgt. Richard Lewis, Al Michaels was stopped by officers at a DUI checkpoint after making an illegal U-turn. Al Michaels was held for five hours and released on his own recognizance after being booked on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI). Greg Hughes, a spokesman for NBC Sports, commented on the arrest, "We are aware of the situation and we've been in contact with Al," said Greg Hughes. "We have no further comment at this time." A call Sunday by The Associated Press to Michaels' agent was not immediately returned. Al Michaels took a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) test and registered just over the 0.08 percent illegal limit. Michaels is scheduled to appear on June 26 in court. Al Michaels is best known as the play-by-play man for "Sunday Night Football.” He is an Emmy Award winner and broadcaster. The 68-year-old Al Michaels spent nearly three decades at ABC Sports before moving to NBC in 2007. Prior to his stint on NBC he was known for his call of the U.S.-Soviet Union "Miracle on Ice" game at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Al Michaels was born in Brooklyn, New York, growing up as a Brooklyn Dodgers fan. He attended Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles and played baseball, graduating in 1962. He went to college at Arizona State University, working as a sports writer for the university news paper. He majored in radio and television and minored in journalism.

Penalties for DUI in California

Penalties and fines for a California DUI will vary based on the circumstances of your DUI arrest and whether you have been arrested and convicted of a previous DUI. If this is your first DUI conviction you can expect 4 days to 6 months in jail, fines ranging from $1400 to $2600, and 30 days to 10 months license suspension. Most DUI offenders should talk to a DUI lawyer who is familiar with California DUI laws to discuss whether it makes sense to plead guilty to drunk driving. There are long-term consequences for a DUI conviction which should be considered prior to pleading guilty.

Can Al Michaels plead to a lesser charge?

Under some conditions you may be able to plead down to a wet reckless if the amount in your blood at the time of the DUI arrest is border line and you have not been charged with DUI in the past. Consider, however, if you plead to a wet reckless and are later charged with a DUI the subsequent conviction will be considered a second conviction, not a first.
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