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After a Detroit DUI Charge, How to Rebuild

Sometimes bad situations can turn into learning experiences. When it comes to drinking and driving, no matter the charges, you may feel somewhat unsure of what happens after. What do you do with no drivers license, court fines, and having served or going to serve jail time? It all depends on where you're at. The problem is first time offenders are very common, but these same people getting pulled over again is all too common too. Whatever your problem, you can face stiff penalties. What happens after them? After a First Time Offense After your first DUI charge, you have some options. This may be the biggest learning experience for drivers, because you can effectively nip the problem in the bud and never get behind the wheel again. You still will have penalties: license suspension of 6 months or more, fines, and potentially jail time. For Michigan DUI offenses, the charges are as serious as other states. However, in Michigan, even your first DUI will stay on your record for life. It  can never be cleared. After Multiple Offenses You may be spending some time in jail, and it's unlikely you'll be driving anytime soon, at least legally.  The important thing is to avoid driving at all, because if you're pulled over you will be arrested on the spot by a Detroit police officer. It's a major problem which is why the punishment is so great. And it will extend your suspend license as well as other penalties. After Penalties After your penalties, life isn't over. You can rebuild your life, but first you have to salvage what you can. This DUI will stay on your record, your license will be suspended, fines are common, and jail time from a few days to a few months may also occur. You just might have to serve time; there is nothing good in that. However, you can learn you lesson, fight if you believe you were treated wrongly, and start rebuilding once you get through all the penalties. After Jail Jail can be one of the biggest learning experiences, oddly enough. Michigan does put drinking and driving offenders in jail. If you hit another car or pedestrian and someone  was hurt, it's very likely you'll be spending time in jail or prison. When  You Get a License Suspension Driving is the worst thing you can do after a DUI offense. Do whatever you can to live without your car. This may mean biking to work, or having your spouse drive you. When will it be over? A Michigan DUI will never be expunged from your record, but you need not worry anymore if you've learned the lesson. Why are these penalties so strict? Drinking and driving fatalities are unfortunately very common, in Detroit and all of Michigan. The problem is so great that the penalties have to be enforced. Remember, just drinking greatly increases your chances of getting into an accident. Rebuilding after a Detroit DUI is very possible. It's not easy either, but you can expect life to get better once you get through it.