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Advantages of Hiring a Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

California, the largest state in the United States, also has the most DUI arrests every year. In 2008 and 2009, over 200,000 DUI arrests were made. So that gives us an average of 200,000 California DUI charges every year. The numbers can be high because of the population of California, but it's clear that California law and California officers know how to find drunk drivers. For Los Angeles drivers, it could lead to some substantial penalties. What is your best option for defense? That's easy: hiring a Los Angeles DUI lawyer to represent you in court. Let's find out why. Educate You On Laws You may have no idea of where to start. You drank some, got behind the wheel, an officer pulled you over for speeding, and then he or she smelled alcohol on your breath. You failed the sobriety test, and were charged with drinking and driving. That's one common scenario: Los Angeles police officers have many other ways to pull you over. What a lawyer can do is explain what happens next – how you should answer questions, how you should plead, what you did wrong,and what the laws says the penalties are. Save You Time and Money The best assets a lawyer gives is saving you time and money. If you are completely unaware of California DUI laws, and want more than a refresher than some articles might give, an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer can explain how best to handle this case. In most instances, you save time in and out court – you need not worry about further mistakes. Now, you may be thinking a Los Angeles DUI lawyer costs you money, does not save you any. True, no lawyer is free, and some charge higher than others. However, think beyond the monetary value – the fines given for a first time or multiple DUI offender. If you're working, how much money would you lose by being in jail for weeks or months? Or consider the value you'd put in simply not going to jail; many times, you would put a number on there higher than the lawyer fee. If the Arrest was Wrong Another advantage of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer is to have the case thrown out. For one, officers do make mistakes. Sometimes they fail to correctly arrest you. In other cases, they fail to file the correct documentation, or do not appear in court. There are many ways an arrest can go wrong. If there were clear errors, the case can be thrown out. Lower Penalties In most Los Angeles DUI cases, charges are made. It's not always possible to win. Usually the breathalyzer test seals the deal. However, at the least a strong defense can lessen the penalties. You can expect a high fine, license suspension for a year if not years, and some time in jail. If your lawyer provides an effective defense, all these penalties can be lowered. If you were drinking and were pulled over, even if you plead guilty does not mean you will get the full penalties. Give You a Second Chance Perhaps the biggest change laws give is to offer second chances. Even if you're a multiple California DUI offender, you can still get a second chance. An experienced lawyer can help in getting that second chance. We all make mistakes, but without proper legal representation, sometimes the penalties can seem to ruin your life. An effective defense can lower penalties, if not eliminate them, and within some time you will be able to drive again.