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Advantages of Hiring a Chicago DUI Lawyer

Getting an Illinois DUI leads to many problems. Some of the penalties are much stricter than in other states. You might pay a fine as high as $2,500 for a first offense, spend up to one year in jail, and have your license suspended for up to a year. If you get a second offense, the charges are similar, but you likely will have your license suspended for 5 years. And the further you go, the more you risk getting felony charges. How can you avoid this? What if you're pulled over in Chicago for a DUI? You should hire an experienced DUI lawyer. To avoid problems, you should avoid drinking and driving. But if you are pulled over, it's time to consider representation. There are many advantages to hiring a Chicago DUI lawyer. This blog guide goes over them. Understand the Laws Illinois DUI laws, as in all states, can be quite complex. You get pulled over in Chicago for drinking and driving. You fail the breathalyzer. Case closed, right? Wrong, as you have rights, the breathalyzer is not always right, and you should defend yourself in court. But the value of a lawyer is in that he or she can help you avoid major problems. If you go into court not understanding the charges against you, how can you make a defense? Question What Happened A Chicago DUI lawyer's job is to question what happened – what you did, what the officer did, what the breathalyzer or other sobriety tests said, and what charges are placed against you. This is an important part of the process. You might be down on yourself about the whole situation, but a good lawyer can fight for your rights. He or she might find something wrong with what the officer did, or in the validity of the breath tests, or in how damaging the charges will be to your life. Avoid Maximum Penalties Some Illinois DUI penalties can be quite severe, such as losing your license for years or spending years in jail. You may not win, that's a fact. But you can at least lessen the penalties made against you. Without an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer, you won't have this chance. Save You Money Some Illinois DUI penalties come with a heavy price tag. Some may cost you your job (such as if you cannot drive to work anymore). You might think a lawyer will cost you money. There will be some fees. But if you can stay out of jail, that saves you money from losing your job, losing assets, and losing your life. If you can continue to drive, you might also be able to keep your job. If you can avoid excessive fines, though sometimes minor, this too can help. Represent You In Court Finally, the biggest advantage in hiring an experienced Chicago DUI lawyer is in that he or she represents your rights in courts. There are so many things which might happen. The officer may have violated your rights in the arrest. The breathalyzer test may have been used incorrectly (which does happen). Or you may have not been driving at all. In court, a DUI lawyer can question what happened and ask that you be acquitted, if not at the least have lesser penalties.