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7 Reasons not to Abuse Drugs and Drive

Abusing drugs and driving can and often is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. All states penalize you immediately for abusing any drug, prescribed or illegal, and driving. There are many reasons not to mix driving and drugs which will impair your ability. This blog guide gives you seven. Dangerous for You By abusing drugs, you are hurting your ability to see, feel, and make decisions. Just as alcohol can damage the nerves in your eyes and hurt your ability to see, the same is the case with many drugs. The problem is that many illegal drugs have chemicals in them you may not understand. You may be taking a drug which makes you tired, very dangerous. You may take a drug which makes you pass out. Or you may have some reaction to it. It's very dangerous to mix even legal drugs with driving, especially if you also drink some. Be safe and avoid the dangers of drug abuse and driving. Dangerous for Other Drivers There are other drivers on the road too. Over 10,000 drivers die every year because of abusing drugs or alcohol and driving. Thousands of pedestrians die too. This means you are not only putting yourself at risk by driving; you are endangering the lives of others. And if you're at fault, you can face criminal charges. Lose Your License If you are caught abusing drugs and driving, it's treated just like a alcohol related offense in terms of your license. The first penalty is your license is suspended. For first time offenders, this can mean losing driving privileges for a year. Face Fines You will also face fines. Though minor in comparison to losing your license and going to jail, sometimes the fines can be quite high, especially if you're not working. Get a Drug Charge If you are caught with illegal drugs, you face more than a DUI: you also can be charged as a drug offender. This can mean further penalties. Go to Jail Going to jail can occur even in a first time DUI offense. While sentences vary, you can spend days in jail to months in prison. If you have multiple DUI offenses, you can be forced to spend even more time in jail. Other Penalties A DUI offense can also mean being put on probation, forced to go to drug counseling, and then having to go through a lengthy process just to get your license back. So what's next? All DUI charges require the help of an experienced, local DUI lawyer. While you may think just because your caught means you always face charges, it does not work that way. You may in fact be able to successfully defend yourself. But you can't without a DUI lawyer. A proper defense can have evidence thrown out, officer actions questioned, and either a lessening of charges or a not guilty decision.