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5 Questions to Ask a DUI or DWI Lawyer

Do you specialize in DUI law? As often noted on this blog, not all lawyers are equal. If you want to file a injury lawsuit, you get an injury lawyer. If you want to beat DUI charges, you hire an experienced DUI lawyer. You want  someone who specializes in DUI law. If you find a lawyer who does not specialize, find a new one. Every state has different DUI laws, which can be quite complex. One state may punish you based on how intoxicated you were. Another state may punish you more for multiple offenses. Different states may have different laws on refusing a breathalyzer. If you hire a lawyer with no DUI experience, it's like asking a therapist to work on your knee. How much do you charge? Price should be an early question. Obviously you should be able to afford your DUI or DWI lawyer. You should be able to hire the best one at the price you can afford. Few of us can afford to spend tens of thousands. But you can hire one who specializes in DUI law; You can hire someone with availability. You can hire one who you can communicate well with. And you can do all this for a fair price. Can I win a not guilty plea? In the majority if DUI cases, you should plead not guilty. It's a matter of course: you never want to plead guilty. If you don't fight, you are accepting the charges. If you avoid hiring a lawyer, plead guilty, and think this may save you some time and money, it won't. You will simply be charged to the full extent of the law. If you plead not guilty, you can do things like question the charges, question the validity of the breath or blood tests, even question the honest of the arresting officer. Many, many things occur in DUI cases which can be brought up in court. So ask your lawyer if you think you truly have a chance of winning a not guilty plea. You almost always can find something to fight. Should I plead guilty? It deserves to be said again: plead not guilty. Again, you can either save time and money by pleading guilty, then getting fairly damaging charges, or give yourself a chance to win in court. How can you help me? Finally, you want to be clear that this DUI lawyer can truly help you. It can save you some valuable time and money if you simply ask your lawyer upfront what he or she can do to help you avoid charges. Ask for a DUI defense strategy. Ask if any experts can be called in to question the charges. Ask how this whole process will end.