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4 Myths about Michigan DUI Law

In Michigan, we have hundreds of deaths every year related to drinking and driving. It's a major cause of death. Drinking and driving is no doubt very dangerous, but there are many myths about the DUI laws we have. This guide looks to shine a light on them. We'll go over several myths about DUI defense that you should know. Breath Tests Are 100% Accurate No test is 100% accurate, especially when it comes to testing for alcohol. Some may explain how the breathalyzer test is the best device we have. The best device we have is the blood test, not the breathalyzer, and even that can be wrong. Breathalyzer tests have a history of being wrong. They are a cumbersome device with no difference for size – you could weigh 100 lbs or 300 lbs and it would make no difference – nor for sex – you could be man or woman and it wouldn't matter. In the end, these tests are often correct, but the problem is that many believe they are perfect. They are not. There are over a dozen ways to refute a positive breathalyzer test. You Have No Chance of Winning You do have a great chance of winning. Michigan DUI cases are not open and shut. You might refute the validity of the breathalyzer test. You might question how the officer arrested you. You may say you were in fact not over the limit. Or you may even say that you made no driving mistakes and had no reason to be pulled over. A good  Michigan DUI lawyer can help you beat these charges. If you lose, you may spend some time in jail, pay fines, and have your license suspended. Any Lawyer Can Defend You You need a Michigan DUI lawyer. Not any lawyer can handle a DUI case. You need one who specializes in Michigan DUI law. The myth here is that DUI cases are simple. They can be quite complex. A proper defense can mean the difference between jail time, fines, and losing your license. Your lawyer has to have knowledge of specific Michigan DUI laws. If you hire a lawyer the day before you face the court, and he or she is not even a lawyer, you are not really giving yourself a chance. Get a real DUI lawyer, and hire one early. You Should Plead Guilty You should rarely if ever plead guilty to Michigan DUI charges. If you plead guilty, you are accepting guilt and accepting all the penalties. You might spend weeks if not months in jail. You may spend thousands in fines. You may lose your license for years. You are not always guilty simply because you fail some tests. There is much more to it than that.