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Nevada Drunk Driving Laws and Statistics

Nevada Drunk Driving Laws

  • BAC Limit: 0.08
  • Enhanced Penalty BAC Level: 0.18
  • Zero Tolerance Level: 0.02
  • Implied Consent Law: Yes
  • License Suspension 1st Offense: 90 Days
  • License Suspension 2nd Offense: 1 Year
  • License Suspension 3rd Offense: 3 Years
  • Mandatory Jail Time: After 2nd Offense
  • Mandatory Alcohol Education: Under limited circumstances
  • Mandatory Alcohol Treatment: Under limited circumstances
  • Ignition Interlock Device: Yes
  • Vehicle Confiscation: No
  • Hardship License: After 45 Days
  • Open Container Law: For driver and passengers

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Nevada Drunk Driving Fatalities

Total Fatalities BAC=.00 BAC=.01-.07 BAC=.08+



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